Online chat: how to understand that she is interested?

7 encouraging signs!

  • She’s clearly picking the words

Your question “How are you?” Can be answered with a neutral “Everything is OK”, or you can compose something more ornate, verbose and intriguing (“In general, everything is fine, but life never ceases to amaze. Do you have something new and interesting?”) . The second option is an obvious attempt to start a conversation, and it is interpreted as follows: “You are worth it to spend more time on the answer than the standard one and a half seconds.” What is not an application for success?

  • She replies to messages without regard to time.

She reacts to your messages late in the evening or at night, when, in theory, she should hypnotize with the look of her boyfriend, and not the screen of the phone / computer. But even if you know for certain that she is not formally free, midnight correspondence is an elegant way to make you understand that, despite her obligations, she will always have time for you. What, as you yourself can guess, to some extent characterizes, on the one hand, her relationship with her boyfriend / husband, and on the other, the degree of interest in your person.

  • She doesn’t take long pauses

Yes, she doesn’t always respond instantly. Including so that you do not have the impression that she scored everything and sits, looking at the window of the messenger, waiting for your message – in which the girl never confesses, even if this is so. But her answer almost always comes during the day. This can and should be understood as follows: “I do not intend to score on our conversation and on yourself.” You can safely add yourself a few points.

  • She makes it clear that she studied your profile

She is interested in how you like a concert of organ music, about the intention to go to which you wrote a month ago (I was not too lazy to read and remember). She notes that even her fitness instructor can envy your biceps (which means she leafed up to a selfie from the gym that you made in a fit of narcissism). Everything indicates that the girl was not too lazy to carefully study your profile, and this is a good, very good sign.

  • She asks questions

And it’s not just “echoing” that your question returns to you (“Where are you working now?” – “In intensive care. And you?”), But is interested in details (“I respect doctors. So, how many, you say, you did open-heart surgery ? ”,“ If it’s not a secret, why did you decide to work at the slaughterhouse? ”,“ Are taxidermists paid well now? ”, Etc.). Thirty percent is, of course, pathological female curiosity. But the rest is genuine interest.

  • She answers so that you always have something to ask her

Wishing to continue communication, wise girls prefer not to rely on men’s quick wit and eloquence, but try to leave “saving leads” in their messages, grabbing onto which you can easily maintain a conversation. And you have to be insensitive and inquisitive, like logs, so as not to react to her sudden “Is your boss also a sadist?” A reasonable question: “What happened to you at work?”

  • She doesn’t want to talk about everything in correspondence

All these women’s “Well, it’s easier to explain in words” and “It’s better to discuss face-to-face”, which men often take as an attempt to evade conversation, is really nothing more than a personal meeting. Do not miss the pass.

By Cindy
January 23, 2020

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