How not to be caught on treason?

I propose to skip the stage of nudezh that, they say, change is bad, vile and ugly. Because it will not change the essence of the issue. People — some, not all — are changing. And, in my opinion, the worst thing about treason is not that your penis suddenly ends up in some outside girl. And the fact that this ultimately suffers another, innocent.

Lovers caught red-handed, i.e. galloping on top of each other, is a movie classic. In real life, traitors usually scorch on more prosaic little things. History, as they say, knows examples. And remembering what the men I knew were piercing (taking this opportunity, I give them all my fiery greetings), I composed for you, dear reader, something like 5 golden rules for adultery. Their observance to some extent ensures that everything secret will not be revealed.

  • Do not talk

The desire to discuss with twenty closest friends the size of the new cavalier’s love instrument and how superbly he knows how to use it, usually visits girls. However, among men there are those who do not hold their mouths. It would seem, what’s the problem – you told only your best friend about the sexual impromptu that happened. However, he can easily share a piquant story with his girlfriend / wife, that – with his girlfriends and a Pilates instructor. Then suddenly it turns out that your woman goes to the same sports club … Do you hear armageddon creeping up on soft paws? And all that was needed was to remain silent in response to a friend’s question: “Well, what’s new?”

  • Do not lie unnecessarily

People who feel guilty (and no matter how unscrupulous a friend you may be, you feel something similar) usually begin to behave unnaturally: fuss, bustle, lie for no reason. Than only cause additional suspicions. If you are not asked why you arrived so late, you don’t need to read out the story about a friend whose apartment was flooded and he urgently needed your help. And if they ask, then it’s worth at least trying to answer lengthy: “There was a meeting”. The probability that you will forget who and when you lied is much higher than the chance that your woman will even pay attention to your lateness.

  • Do not leave marks in real life

I don’t think that even the most unsuspecting citizens can guess that it’s not worth it to drag outside women home. Neighbors, as practice shows, are needed not only to exercise with a drill in the early morning on Saturday. But also to show phenomenal observation in who enters and leaves the doors of other people’s apartments. However, not only your home should be an impregnable fortress, but also your car. To hotels, apartments of friends (or where do you prefer to commit adultery there?) It is more reasonable to take a taxi. Mistresses’ chairs of other people’s cars can be showered as much as they like with their long blonde hair and watered with perfume.

  • Do not leave traces on the Internet

It’s not for me to tell you that it is wiser to password-protect the telephone on which the offer “repeat” may come. Sex with a secretary, which adorned a boring corporate party, is not necessary to discuss later in the messenger. And e-mails of pornographic content – not a place in your mail. But I consider it my duty to recall: spontaneous coitus in the restaurant’s toilet is not a reason to become friends with a girl in FV. For some reason, this does not seem to some people to be blatantly dangerous – especially if the number of friends has exceeded 300. But in vain. First of all, any like can and will certainly be used against you. And secondly, hardly before you sleep with a girl, you will find out the degree of her mental health. So, there is a chance that the owner of an outstanding breast and nice little feet will turn out to be an evil psychopath who suddenly decides to inform your girl friend / wife what kind of negotiations you were doing last Friday.

  • Be careful with alcohol

Any excessive libation is fraught with the fact that you forget all the precautions at once.

By Cindy
January 20, 2020

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