The 8 most terrible female fears associated with men

Sometimes knowing what a woman is afraid of is much more important than understanding what she wants.

Yes, from the stories described below, he is frantically overwhelmed by fiction. But, alas, this happens not only in books and films, but also in real life. Almost each of us has a friend who heard from a friend that her friends did just that in an incomprehensible way with a friend. And the fact that this happens somewhere nearby is really scary.

  • What do you simulate an orgasm

It so happened historically that the fake “Oh, yes-yes-yes-yes!” Women usually give out (and, apparently, they don’t know how it degrades human dignity and hits the libido of the second participant in the regatta – otherwise they would never, never be did not!). But history knows examples when girls watched very plausible organistic cramps of their partners, and after some time they accidentally discovered an empty condom in the bin. How many do not shake, how many do not twist it, no matter how much you examine under a microscope – zero, not one, even a sluggish sperm! I had occasion to look into the eyes of women who had experienced this … People who accidentally found out that they had been taken from a shelter as a child look less shocked.

  • What will you cheat on her with her best friend

Or a sister. Or mom. In short, with someone whom she unconditionally trusted. If there is some kind of hierarchy in male adultery, then these options are so flaying that they should have come up with a separate word. Because, firstly, it is a betrayal squared. And, secondly, it will be difficult for a girl to get rid of the idea that she herself is to blame for everything, since she let her rivals into the house without thinking about anything like that (and only clinical neurasthenics think about “this”). No, it’s decidedly impossible to recover from this.

  • That you will run away from your own wedding

All will be assembled – a bride, wrapped in guipure and satin, a crowd of friends and relatives, a registrar from the registry office, a photographer and a cameraman, impatiently shifting from one foot to another. And the bridegroom in the person of you will not be at this celebration of life. At this moment you will go by taxi (“To the station! I’ll pay three counters!”) And smile exultantly, as if you had escaped the death penalty.

  • That you will become a professional unemployed

Crisis paces the planet. Oil will soon be given at the price of seeds. Millions of boyfriends and legal husbands lose their jobs and mourn on a sofa with a packet of chips and a PS3 controller. Most cope with grief and, having reclined, go out in search of a new job. But some remain lying. Month after month. Year after year. And so she looks at you and, no matter how hard she is, she cannot at all recognize you as a man whom she once loved.

  • That you doubt your fatherhood

“Is he exactly from me?” – said in earnest (although you absolutely shouldn’t joke on this topic), this phrase is capable of casting a woman into such an abyss of despair that you never dreamed of. Because the most tremulous, most crucial stage in women’s life will be poisoned by suspicions and the humiliating need to prove to you that you are mistaken. After all, even when she has a certificate in her hand with a stamp confirming that the baby is your biological child, you cannot rewind time and take your words back. But there will always be an opportunity to say that the certificate is “bought”.

  • What will you leave her when she is pregnant

If you imagine that there are more successful moments in order to break with the girl and less successful, then this is the most-most-most unsuccessful. In my understanding, nature should have endowed men capable of such vileness with the most lazy and non-viable sperm.

  • What do you really (!) Consider her a fool

Not a pretty fool. Silly little baby. Charming stupidity. Naive squirrel. But she’s just a real idiot who just needs to open her mouth – the surrounding people start to whip blood from her ears, she pronounces such nonsense. Moreover, this awareness descended upon you much later than the day when you decided to connect life with it.

By Cindy
January 19, 2020

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