6 signs that you made a mistake in choosing a mistress(2)

  • She insists you stay for the night

There is a mass of everything that is supposed to be mistresses (while wives sometimes do without it for years): sex marathons, spontaneous meetings, armfuls of flowers and other romantic quilts by the man. But at the same time, there is something that belongs to the family and that the lover should not claim: nights and weekends (especially if there are children who do not take themselves to the zoo / dental / karate section).

Problematic mistresses usually carry out subversive work, carefully hiding their true motives (leaving you at night and provoking a showdown with your wife), and hiding behind an avalanche of feelings that suddenly fell upon them. “I’m so good right now that I just can’t let you go”, “I love to look at you asleep …” and other romantic approaches, in theory, should lull your vigilance and make you reason in the spirit of “Ah … I will stay.” Remained once – set a precedent. So, it will be possible the next time to promise an additional 13 orgasms, appeal to your sentimental feelings, put pressure on pity, etc. And if your one-time absence at home hypothetically can go unnoticed, regular “night shifts” are a sure way to aggravate relations with your wife. And there, you look, and will begin to smack of divorce.

  • She neglects safety rules.

A good lover from a problem lover is distinguished by the fact that the first suits her position. It is also in her interests that your romance does not turn into a forced excommunication for you. If only because in such a situation, men usually mutate from funny cuticles to dull and nervous types, tormented by remorse and the prospect of alimony. Darn and wash your socks, again, can entice on her delicate shoulders (this is instead of dating in a luxury hotel and trips to Paris, which, of course, is not the most profitable exchange). Therefore, the girl will zealously monitor so as not to compromise you or yourself. No accidentally forgotten thong in the back seat of your car. No general photos on social networks (which make it easy to calculate that you weren’t at a meeting at all on the evening of the 13th). No spontaneous visits to your work. Restaurants, cafes, shops – only those where your spouse hardly decides to pay a visit. In a word, she will be a spy no worse than you.

And vice versa: sometimes mistresses turn out to be girls who behave risky and recklessly, supposedly in order to add adrenaline to your already hormonally saturated relationship. Forgotten panties, calls at inopportune times, SMS, when you sit with your wife in the evening at the TV set and smooth her soft knee through the fabric of a flannelette dressing gown – there are few ways to make you feel that a little more – and you would be caught. There are two options: either she’s nuts or has already freed a shelf in her closet where you can put your things when your wife trample you from home.

  • She seeks to meet your friends

Again: the girl never admits that she seeks to extend the sphere of her influence not only to the bed, but also to your inner circle. For example, to rub in confidence and charm your friends (so that, for example, they could somehow tell you between times: “This is a cool girl, Jane. Better than your Susie, who does not at all take care of her appearance”). Look at their wives and, even more importantly, show themselves.

And as soon as a lover is allowed into the club of legal spouses, she automatically rises in the female hierarchy several steps up. Now she is not “another Jane,” but “that same Jane.” Already feel like a silk noose squeezes your throat more and more tightly? And this is it.

  • She says she wants a baby from you

She, of course, claims nothing. But she supposedly loves so much, loves so much that she’s ready to become a single mother, if only she has something in memory of you. Not beads or new shoes, but a real human child, who will have the same eyes as you, your nose and a nice little dimple on his chin. For some men, similar visits by girls are flattering. That is, of course, and scare too. But more flatter. And who, one wonders, was not flattered by the thought that he was so desperately loved and at the same time did not require anything in return?

Perhaps she was joking so much. Maybe she’s not joking, but she believes in what she says. But just imagine what will happen if this desire to acquire a mini-you comes true? No, I don’t need to tell me to fasten it, – strain and imagine. And to make you think better, I’ll say that situations where a pregnant lover comes to the door of her pregnant wife with the textbook question “Well, what shall we do?” Is not a scenario of a fantastic thriller at all, but a life story.

By Cindy
January 18, 2020

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