6 signs that you made a mistake in choosing a mistress

The question of my reader inspired me to write this post. In short, the comrade is safely married, does not intend to leave his wife, but “for the soul” he has acquired a mistress, who, however, has been more upsetting than happy lately.

Here we have (as you hopefully remember) a territory free from censure. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you do not start the gundeck in the comments on the topic of what change is bad, and condemn those who, on the contrary, are bad in monogamy mode. Even if you breed an active discussion, the fact that there are married men in nature who allow themselves novels on the side, and women who theoretically agree to be these themselves – “for the soul”, will not cease to be a fact. We are all different.

Another thing is that, in my opinion, the responsibility for what is happening lies more with the man. Including for choosing the right girl for yourself as a lover. And the correct one in this case is one that will behave in accordance with its status and will not begin to rub the nerves of the remaining two corners of the love triangle (especially in this sense, it’s a pity for wives who may agree to turn a blind eye to their husbands’ affairs, but they didn’t deserve it at all all sorts of vile demarches from lovers).

And so, let’s talk about the signs of a bad lover.

  • She doesn’t want you to spend money on her

If the girl herself is not free, then expensive presents can really be not quite in the topic (not every handbag and bracelet can be given out as a “corporate gift from a grateful client”). On the other hand, by unspoken rule, lovers are a costly pleasure. Therefore, if not for presentations, then for hotels, romantic weekends, restaurants, etc. have to fork out.

There are girls who purposefully and aggressively enough pull money from lovers. There are those who take investment for granted. There are others – who, seeing a married gentleman pulling out a purse, chirp sweetly: “Oh, well, it wasn’t worth it! Although it’s so nice … ”But the financial aspect in relations with a mistress is present in 99% of cases. Such are the rules of the transaction, which intelligent people do not voice, but know and abide by. You need each other for sex and new experiences. And if a man usually prets from the very fact of owning the wrong woman, then the second side is important and necessary so that everything is beautiful, fabulous and with a big foot.

A lover who is persistently trying to protect you from unnecessary expenses (“Why to the hotel? Come to me,” “Come on, these restaurants. I’d better prepare something myself,” etc.) is the same anomalous phenomenon as barking chicken. In 9 cases out of 10, the point is not in the disinterestedness of the girl, but in the fact that, firstly, she is thus trying to accustom you to everyday life. That is, it duplicates the functions of your legal spouse so that the transition from one female hands to another is not so sharp.

Secondly, most likely, this is exactly what she counts on (after all, wives, by the way, often get a PIN code from their man’s credit card in the passport together with the seal). But how, one wonders, doesn’t want to marry this gentle and modest buttercup, against which the lawful wife looks like an avid monster eating fur coats and diamonds? And the lover will consciously emphasize the fact that, unlike all other female creatures, she doesn’t need anything from you, literally nothing, but only you. Isn’t she cute, huh?

  • She asks about your wife

Another unspoken rule that a lover “with concepts” will never break: your family life is a closed territory. She should not try to find out the size of jeans worn by the woman who gave birth to your son and daughter. Clarify her age. Does she love from above or below and on which part of the bed she is used to sleeping. Doesn’t have an allergy to legumes. From the answers to all these questions, none of you will feel better (on the contrary, you may be visited by a fit of guilt, and she will be able to very vividly imagine how you two are fulfilling your conjugal duty). And in the end, this is not her business. And she knows that.

And if he knows and ignores it, then it means that he has a good reason. All these interrogations are needed in order to collect a detailed medical history for the enemy and, having analyzed his weaknesses and weaknesses, present him in the most competitive form possible for you.

Continued in the next post!

By Cindy
January 17, 2020

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