18 signs that it’s better not to mess with a girl

I sincerely want to warn you from starting a relationship with girls, which immediately shows that they will be the only problems. Typically, such citizens are calculated in the first weeks / months of communication. So I made you something like a cheat sheet.

So, in my opinion, a girl can be considered an “anxious passenger” if she:

  1. To any, even the most innocuous question (such as “How old are you?” Or “What do you want to order?”) She answers evasive ones: “guess yourself.”
  2. Regularly and enthusiastically complains that she is paid little and generally wants to dismiss, her boots are leaking, the computer is broken, her loan debt is growing, her sister urgently needs to transfer money for the operation, and her wallet was stolen as an evil. And he looks obviously disappointed not having received from you an offer to compensate / buy / pay / resolve the issue.
  3. She loves karaoke (although a herd of bears has clearly come to her ears), posting her nude photos on social networks (despite the fact that even her elbows can hardly be called thin) and made a tattoo on her tailbone in the form of a Chinese character, which means either “Tigress”, or “instant noodles with pork”.
  4. Proud of the fact that with all his exes, without exception, he maintains tender friendly relations and sees each other regularly, and with the latter he still rents an apartment.
  5. She is always captive to some sadness that she knows, and she reacts to any, even the most reckless and blatantly romantic attempts to please her, with a sluggish: “It’s cool.”
  6. He can kiss for hours, agrees that you touch her in immodest places, while breathing deafeningly and mooing like a newborn calf, but when he offers to move to a more convenient place than a car or a park bench, he reacts insulted: “But not too much are you rushing things ?! ”And so for several months in a row.
  7. Asks about your ex in great detail, down to the size of your legs and the length of your menstrual cycle.
  8. After the second date, she begins, supposedly as a joke, to talk about what kind of cute kids you will get. And at the same time to persuade to buy tickets to Mauritius, because for half a year it is definitely more profitable, and in general it’s cool that it’s November in the yard, and you two already have plans for the holidays.
  9. She reacts unchanged to any remark or action that is not sympathetic to her: “Maybe I should leave ?!”
  10. Comes on dates with a friend, without warning you in advance, and all evening he talks mainly with her, contacting you only when you need to transfer salt or order another Long Island.
  11. At the party he manages to get drunk before most of the guests have time to take off her shoes and introduce herself.
  12. Reports that she is on a diet, and is never limited to one serving of french fries.
  13. Readily talks about the fact that the former boyfriend broke her nose, the one that was before him, regularly drove her out in the cold in his underwear, and the dude who deprived her of virginity set fire to her parents’ apartment after breaking up.
  14. Never releases the phone, including during sex, and “checks in” even at grocery stores.
  15. Believes that a great way to gain the trust of your best friend is to ask how many female hearts a stallion broke with such powerful biceps, and do not get off his knees all evening, explaining that since you’re not strangers they need to get to know each other better.
  16. Cries after sex, and sometimes during.
  17. She never calls herself, but answers your calls every other time, without bothering herself with explanations or apologies.
  18. He does not know other adjectives, except for “hellish”, and other writers, except Stephanie Mayer, and other drinks, except fat-free latte.
By Cindy
January 16, 2020

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