5 types of men, next to which women lose their human appearance

What men’s society reveals the worst qualities in girls?

  • Careerist

You: love and know how to make money. And the further you go, the more you love and the better you know how. And romantic dates, planned trips to the sea, promises to walk a girl culturally, at least they will wait. Your companion cannot but understand: you are a prey, you hunt for another mammoth, or rather a million, and she must be obedient, who, not sluggish, sits in a wigwam and waits for her master to appear with prey. Is this not what every normal woman dreams of ?!

She: provided that any conflict ends with the fact that you give her a credit card with parting words “to please yourself”, the girl will inevitably begin to perceive you as an animated version of an ATM. Communication with which, of course, does not imply any intimacy, including intimacy.

  • A favorite of women

You: it seems to have settled down, but you behave as if nothing and no one bothers you to snatch that waitress at the motel with an hourly rate. Self-asserting and maintaining the image, you recklessly flirt with female colleagues, long-standing saleswomen in the store, girl friends and relatives. But at the same time you adhere to the iron rule “you can watch – you can’t touch” (well, if only after a pair of glasses and only for the priest, but no more!), Which gives you the right to consider yourself a decent person and an exemplary family man.

She: is not able to figure out where the work on the image ends and real betrayal begins, she starts by starting to neurotically check your phone and mail. Then he tries to impose himself on escorting you on business trips / corporate parties and spying through mutual friends about what kind of business meeting you sat until midnight. And in the end, as a rule, it comes to the disappointing conclusion that you still seem to be cheating on her (she just does not check and follow up well enough), and decides on symmetrical measures to somehow restore internal feng shui.

  • Creative nature

You: consider yourself above repairing a grinding and leaking toilet, swearing with the head of the kindergarten, where your child goes and bickering with neighbors (even when they roll the covens at three in the morning). No, you do not urge your woman to behave the same. He wants to repair, find out, knock out – in a word, solve issues – let him have fun. And while you lie on the couch and read Schopenhauer.

She: either turns into a bird-brainfish, which will repeat each request 20 times as if she were turning to a mentally retarded guinea pig. Or grows two steel eggs and becomes the head of the family, and talks to you strictly in command-condescending intonations.

  • The superman

You: consider that in your couple the star is undoubtedly you. You are successful, attractive, healthy, and she … And what is she? An ordinary gray mouse, which understands that you could afford someone more spectacular and upscale (but how not to understand if you regularly inform her about it). But as an honest person – another diamond in the crown of your virtues – you do not abandon it, allowing you to love and cherish yourself.

She: over time, she begins to become more and more silent and look at you like a hypnotized lemming, forgetting that once she, in fact, had her desires, plans, ambitions. And, without noticing it, she turns into an empty place, an ordinary-looking appendage to Your Majesty, illustrating how much you were right in this regard.

  • Perfect friend

You: the soul of the company and a trouble-free person who, for the sake of friends, will break into a cake. And you have a lot of friends. But all of them are united by a common feature – complete helplessness in household matters. So, without you, they are not able to get from the airport to the house (therefore, you rush to meet at night, despite the fact that your wife has a fight at that moment). They are not able to solve problems in their personal lives (which means that you need to generously place the sofa in the living room at the disposal of your best friend, who is on the verge of a divorce, and not ask too many questions). They can’t save up for repairs or vacations (and why – if you can always borrow the required amount for an indefinite period from you?). And it doesn’t matter that you have a lot of problems: with such a mileage as your car, if they buy it, it’s only for scrap, and money is only enough for semi-finished products, and those guests always get it. After all, the main thing is friends! After all, they will disappear without you, poor fellow.

She: instead of being proud of what a generous and sympathetic man she got, she is becoming more and more firmly entrenched in the image of an evil bitch, who reacts to every phone call with the shrill “What, again ?!”, hides money and says nasty things to your friends who decided spontaneously peep into the night.

By Cindy
January 15, 2020

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