20 little things in male behavior that annoy women

Women are vulnerable and impressionable creatures. What jokes can offend them?

Indeed, there are such things that seem to you, boys, utter nonsense, and sometimes we are spoiled by great mood and nerves. Below is a list (of course, not complete) of what women regularly encounter and which invariably infuriate. Well, well, if not furious, then one hundred percent strain.

  1. When you get angry, if we take your toothbrush. It feels like there are still bacteria that have not become our common ones.
  2. When you present unsigned postcards, guided by the fact that an unknown author has already formulated everything well. The next step is likely to be gifts in the form of envelopes.
  3. When you regularly repeat “Yes, you don’t understand this …” and “… to whom I generally explain.” You might think you took the Nobel Prize winners.
  4. When in our presence you carefully portray monogamous and decent family men, but it costs to be at least one of your sidekicks in the company, as each neckline is accompanied by meaningful glances. Well, and how, one wonders, can we calmly let you go on corporate parties?
  5. When, immediately after sex, you rush headlong into the bathroom, as if you were not just satisfying the woman you didn’t love, but repairing the broken sewer.
  6. When you do not meet us at the airport. And we, like fools, are dragging our bags ourselves, bargaining with taxi drivers, and in the end we decide to ride a jam-packed bus.
  7. When you do an unpleasant, you know, a perplexed-squeamish face, having found obviously not your hair on your razor. Have you seen a lot of sexually mature women with naturally bare pubis?
  8. When you get drunk on our birthdays before all the other guests. To tell our best friend that all her problems are due to her huge ass and call my grandfather “brainless”, you can find a less solemn occasion.
  9. When you send us messages from the “Templates”. 4 seconds saved greatly improved your life?
  10. When you put in the fridge a plate with a quarter of a sandwich, a pan with a bitten steak or a jar with tails of sprats. If so you take care of us, the right word is not worth it. It will be much more convincing if you wash the dishes with you.
  11. When you throw your dirty things on the floor in the bathroom, although the washing machine is right there, literally 20 cm. In the house where you grew up was a cook, maid, butler and 3 mulatto governesses?
  12. When you think that explaining to your friends that our wedding anniversary is a good reason to skip football every day is bad. A glass of water in old age, friends will bring you?
  13. When it doesn’t even occur to you that, meeting us in a personal car after a get-together with a friend, you can at least out of politeness suggest a friend to drop her home. Or does the crime chronicle seem intimidating to you?
  14. When, in response to our attempt to steal a piece from your plate, you say: “Why couldn’t you order a portion of the same?” – as if you yourself didn’t notice that someone else always tastes better.
  15. When you seem to talk heart to heart, while you yourself are squinting your eyes at a computer / telly / phone. You might think that a saving idea will come from there, how to finally calm down our verbal tornado.
  16. When, in the midst of a romantic dinner, you stage a performance due to the slowness of the waiter, insufficiently roasted steak, or excessively hot coffee. No, why today?
  17. When, after a band’s concert, tickets for which we bought by mutual agreement, you say: “What are all the same cool dudes!” And then, in a conversation with friends, you complain that it was “two hours of time lost in vain”. Well, how do you believe after that?
  18. When you get angry, we cry if we scratch the bumper. Yes, this is an insensitive piece of iron. But it’s really difficult for us not to take it to heart if something happens to something beloved.
  19. When you absolutely need to get sunburned on the very first day of your vacation, step on a sea urchin and break flip flops. What now? Seriously?! And you definitely have not exchanged bodies with a child?
  20. When you refuse to believe that we communicate with former lovers not in order to edify your horns, but out of compassion and humanity.

How different we are…

By Cindy
January 12, 2020

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