How girls seduce their best friends: 9 rules of conduct

You guys might be surprised. But the topic of the friend zone – or rather, the way out of it – excites not only you, but also women. The handouts are different. She must get married, and the prince, who could appreciate the slimness of her hips, is late, so the girl decides to inspect her men’s company: suddenly she missed the right candidate.

Or she quarreled with her boyfriend and now, if she wants a relationship, then strictly with someone who would not offend and betray, and the best male friends are suitable for these purposes. Or are you yourself from among her exes, some old school love, which she decided to take a closer look at, especially since you both have not been schoolchildren for a long time.

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One way or another, well, or some other sextillon of possible options, but sometimes women are imbued with the realization that you, who have been nearby all this time as a friend, are quite suitable for you and even want to play the role of a boyfriend. Having survived such an insight, girls usually begin to behave as follows:

  1. She suddenly writes you an SMS or a message to the messenger late at night, something discouragingly sweet in the spirit: “I miss something.” And in response to your friendly “Class, you should see” does not go offline, but, on the contrary, insists that you need to choose the exact date and time. And, despite the mutually loaded schedule, you agree to see you literally tomorrow.
  2. She dresses up. No, it didn’t seem to you. The girl that you could see repeatedly in training and a mask of algae on your face (“Well, we are friends”), is at a meeting in such an unambiguous parade that you are speechless. Well, or from her searching gaze, you understand that the essence of her heels, neckline, loose hair and a skirt with a zipper on the pope is precisely so that you instantly lose it.
  3. She flirts. No, it didn’t seem to you again. She laughs at your jokes with some unusually sonorous laugh that you have not heard from her before. She throws back her bangs and looks at you halfway. It shortens the distance by touching you either by the shoulder or the elbow (although in the last five years of your communication, the maximum tactility that was between you is a friendly click on the forehead). Try to distance yourself and look at you two from the side – you look natural like a couple who have a date. And this, by the way, is it.
  4. She passes by the ears information about your girlfriend and, in principle, pretends that you do not have her (and best friends, in whom we suddenly look at applicants for the role of boyfriends, according to the law of meanness in 9 cases out of 10 there are girls). Calls and writes late in the evening. It seems like a joke (although it seems like not, once he clarifies your address and the number of the intercom), he suggests coming to visit you and preparing your signature pasta with tuna, otherwise you, judging by the photo, have completely emaciated something recently . Or go to the premiere (“Of course, together. Even a strange question …”).
  5. She basically doesn’t like your photos with a girl in social networks or posts where she is mentioned. Anything else likes – your pictures from fishing, political manifestos, complaints about bad weather and a selection of bearded jokes. And this is not.
  6. She evades talking about her personal life. Although earlier you only dealt with that you had to comment on the rights of a male friend as a discussion of her crazy erotic adventures and gentlemen, whose behavior (as well as perverted sexual addictions, penis sizes and dirty words that they used in sex). And now all the men from her life seemed to be blown away. Silence and complete sterility. No, nothing serious. No, she has no idea who you are talking about. No, this is all speculation and rumor. And anyway, who do you take her for?
  7. She unexpectedly often finds herself in the same place as you. At birthdays or visiting friends in common. At the opening of new bars. At a corporate party (“I came with a girlfriend. Oh, and I forgot that you also work here”).
  8. She fishes out and takes to the light all that you had good. A video with a song suddenly appears on her page in FB, for which you once jokingly staged “dirty dances” at some party. She comes to a meeting in the very earrings that you once gave her (although you can swear that then she snorted in displeasure that she is not wearing jewelry). She suddenly writes: “What kind of book about the zombie apocalypse that you advised everyone?” (Although it was a hundred years ago, and you were sure that she herself hated neither zombies, nor apocalypse, nor read).
  9. And she fishes out from memory all that you told her about your ex-girlfriends with a negative connotation, and for some incredible combination of circumstances it turns out that she herself is the exact opposite. Were all the workaholics? No, in her deep conviction, “work is not all life.” They pulled money from you? Of course, she provides for herself, but what she doesn’t have enough for – means that she doesn’t really need it (does she believe in what she says?). Refused to have children? She will show you pictures of all her eight nephews and tell them in her faces how she gets along perfectly with them. On the contrary, insisted on offspring? She, like you, believes that there is no need to rush this. Complained that none of your passions knew how to cook? Yes, by the way, she went to cooking classes (“It’s a pity there is no one to cook Benedict eggs for breakfast …”). You yourself can’t understand how it happened, but your friend, it seems, is the dream of any man.

P.S. To some, my history and examples may seem obvious. Hooray and hallelujah, if so! However, I personally often observe the opposite situation: when girls go out of their way to get rid of the stigma of a girlfriend and make the guy look at them as potential girl friends, and men do not want to admit the obvious. Yes, it is strange and generally somehow unexpected – such a change of course and the role of both of you. But this does not mean that nothing will work.

By Cindy
January 11, 2020

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