6 significant benefits of communicating with a bitch

It seems that there are pluses, the thing is clear: to be in a relationship with such girls is like building a house on the slopes of Mount Etna. On the other hand, this experience can be truly valuable, as it will allow you to develop extremely useful skills in yourself. So I decided to look at the topic from a slightly different angle and talk about the benefits of communicating with bitch, which, of course, are.

  • You will become more successful

The inner world of the bitch is based on two beliefs: 1) she is put in life all the best, five-star and multi-carat; 2) all this can be obtained by overwork, but it is much more pleasant to receive from the hands of men who have sunk into it. Therefore, she, as she has the strength, will stimulate and push the gentleman so that he studies better, earn more, climb the career and social ladder more energetically, so that I quote one friend I know: “To be able to afford such a woman.”

  • You will become more diligent in sex

And for women in sex, the words “studious” and “magnificent” are almost synonyms. It’s not for me to tell you guys that arrogance, causticism and slight detachment do not fly off the bitch at the same time as cowards. Usually, even in bed, they behave as if they are being shot with a hidden camera, so you need to keep your face up. And sometimes it begins to seem to men that if you get too tired, startle her with your energy, make her cry with delight – she will at least drop out of the image for a while, mature, warm, become human. All this, of course, is an illusion. But she will make you truly indefatigable and inventive lovers.

  • You will always be in good shape

Bitch is a calculating creature. And her calculation is simple: once a man relaxes, calms down and ceases to be afraid that when he arrives home, he will find “Bye” written in red lipstick on the mirror, he ceases to perceive the woman as a valuable trophy. But the bitch can not allow this. Therefore, she will regularly arrange checks, exams and hassles for you, anger and piss you off for no reason at all. And over time, you will learn to be constantly on full alert, as a person who lives in a city where a state of emergency is declared. Gently pulled a smoke – and you are already in body armor, with an alarming suitcase in your hands and ready for any development of events, right up to the landing of alien invaders.

  • You will be less likely to feel jealousy

One of the classic methods of bitching is to impose on the cavalier the idea that somewhere nearby there are a pack of March cats, successful men with strong hands and nerves, ready to rush into battle and take control of it at the first call. Say, this is what I am in short supply of goods, and falling asleep next to me every night, you should praise the gods for giving you another day with me. And if you seriously hack on this topic, you can greatly deplete your nervous system. Therefore, the most energy-saving strategy is to strangle Othello inside yourself or simply intelligently close his mouth.

  • You will be easier to relate to the opinions of others

Otherwise, your brain will explode from listening to critical and / or sympathetic remarks from friends and relatives who cannot understand what the hell you will not find a normal girl for yourself.

  • You will be truly happy and grateful when no bitch appears in your life

Yes, it turns out that you can not find out every day about your next flaw and not participate in endless verbal duels. And, having come with the girl to the store, it’s not necessary to leave all your salary there, to lay the clock and the kidney. And you can return home after a hard day, put your head on the warm female knees and honestly say: “I’m so tired.”

By Cindy
January 9, 2020

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