How not to compliment a girl? TOP 8 most annoying mistakes

When it comes to compliments, men are divided into two teams. The first is played by guys whose tongue doesn’t turn to squeeze something other than “Well, you … normal.” Red card. For the second – lovers of sophistication, capable of five minutes to bring the girl to a state of yawning, and sometimes deep sleep.

Today we’ll talk about how it is NOT NECESSARY to compliment a girl. And if you do not want her to cross the street or ignore you like a plague patient, read the tips carefully.

  • Hussing

Let’s be honest: a woman wants to see in you a strong and assertive man who has come and won. If in future relations you are a terry bunny or a little bead, these are your sexual difficulties. But on a date to say compliments, from which a kilometer carries pink snot, is not necessary.

Baby, you have such chubby cheeks.

Kitty, this dress suits you so much!

You are like a beautiful fairy, doing real magic with me.

It is clear that sitting with a view of “Woman, I told you everything. What are you waiting for? ”Is not necessary. But filter your speech by diminutive suffixes. With them, speech turns into verbal diarrhea of ​​a teenager. This does not suit a man.

  • Emphasizing deficiencies

“Oh, you know, braces do not spoil you at all”, “You have a birthmark of such a beautiful shape”, “What amazing eyes you have!” Yeah, one brown, and the second – oblique. This is equivalent to the fact that you go up to a person in the hospital and say: “Crutches suit you like that!”

Look: each has its own complexes and features that I don’t want to focus on. Imagine the situation: a romantic evening, you tear off her clothes until the brain shuts off looking for condoms … And then she bends over your penis and begins: “Oh, and who is it that we are so small? Who is so cute. ”Still in the mood to continue? So you do not spoil her mood with strange compliments.

  • Puffed stamps

What immediately comes to mind?

You’re so beautiful.

You are a goddess.

Your eyes are big.

Believe me, the girl has already heard 1000 and one variation on this subject. She wants you to just show your imagination and say something special.

You are the most beautiful girl in this room.

You have such a sexy voice.

You’re so playful / charming / sexy today. Believe me, she wants to match.

Important! Give a compliment to the girl. Do not praise her dress, boots or hairstyle. Do not try to appear competent in fashion.

  • Ambiguous comparisons

-“You are as beautiful as my beloved dog.

– And what breed?

– French Bulldog.

And then the girl softened her brain, sits and thinks to give you a snout or be glad that you compared her to a slobbery, wrinkled, but dearly beloved dog.

“You are so unusual.” She will wind up herself and think that you called her a freak.

“You don’t look as usual today. This dress makes you so slim. ” In the girl’s head: “So before that I was fat? Burn in hell!”

  • Wrong tone

You know, friend, sometimes you can even praise a person in such a way that he will feel as if they humiliate him for a couple of hours.

Flattery. Such compliments always sound fake. And if you pour into her ears that she is more beautiful than Angelina Jolie, and look like a crocodile – don’t hope, it won’t work.

Negligence. “Well, you look good.” Just like at the casting.

Sexual overtones. Especially on the first date, when you did not understand who is in front of you – a relaxed lady or a squeezed virgin.

Advisor mode. “This dress suits you. You wear it more often. ” But she forgot to ask you what and when to wear it.

  • Abstruse compliments

“Your eyes shine like diamonds,” “You are beautiful, like a yellow magnolia.” Where did the men get this bullshit? Have you completed the three-day pickup courses for dummies? Or “The Magnificent Age” suggested?

If in front of you is a girl who has more than one gyrus, she will not listen to this enchanting nonsense. Everyone wants compliments to be sincere and individual. And the memorized vanilla phrases somehow do not fit into the outline of the evening.
Yes, some guys still read poetry to young ladies, but it sounds cool when you know how to do it.

  • Beat the sick

Women are used to letting go of jokes about our logic and way of thinking. And sometimes you yourself don’t notice that a compliment turns into an insult.

“Well, wow, did you read Coelho?” Count up, she also studied at school and not only looks at books in books.

“So what? Did you reinstall Windows yourself? ”Well, yes, this is a task with an asterisk. Insert the USB flash drive, enter the BIOS and click “next” all the time. You can also find step-by-step instructions on YouTube.

Such compliments sound somewhat condescending. It’s like you patted her ear, like a wacky mongrel. Like, her intellectual level is not as high as yours.

  • Speaking at the wrong time

The girl is enthusiastically broadcasting what her plans are for this summer, and here you are with your “You have such a beautiful neck”. And her female brain was lost in conjecture, whether you were a moron, or the last five minutes she was talking with the wall.

Friend, compliments like snacks – should be served on time. So wait until the conversation pauses and then say everything you want.

The most successful compliments are:

Her appearance. Only without banalism and oriental spices. “Very sexy energy comes from you”, “You have such a playful outfit”, “You smell delicious. Pheromones or your passion? ”

Her mind. “You are a wonderful interlocutor”, “It’s very easy for me to be with you”, “You know, smart girls are such a rarity. I was very lucky ”,“ You are well versed in painting. I’m impressed”.

Talents, hobbies, hobbies. “It’s cool when you do what you love. You just shine ”,“ You have a talent, definitely ”,“ You have a great figure! Will you be my personal trainer? ”

I think you understand me. Be sincere, unbanal, attentive – and not a single young lady can resist your charisma.

By Cindy
January 8, 2020

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