Feminine tricks with which she ties you. What is hidden behind female affection?

Today we’ll talk about tricks that she can use against you.

  • Be my knight

There is such a girl: thin hands, a look of a deer Bambi, how can you not regret the poor thing? You drop all your business, take Superman’s suit off the nail and rush to her aid. It all starts with the opening of cans and a hammered nail, and then you do not have time to say “Well, enough!” – as you have been exploited in full.

And then, unexpectedly for himself, man:

Instead of a fun party with friends, her mother takes her to the country.

Solves the girl’s problems while she smiles sweetly and cuts her nails.

She experiences an irrational feeling of guilt if she cannot take her from work, although she herself is to blame: she put on shoes in which it’s convenient to just sit.

What to do: learn to understand when she really needs your help. Do not be trouble-free, otherwise you will not notice how she crunches your spine with her heel and will dance the cancan on your vanity.

Believe me, an adult woman is quite able to cope with minor troubles. But why would she do this if there is such a convenient man?

  • But I love you

Sometimes a woman is forgotten and believes that in the person of a man she found a personal genie. Only the occupant of the lamp was smart enough to put restrictions on the number of hoteliers, and the peasant provided complete unlimited.

The magic phrase “Well, I love you so much” causes the guys to have a symptom of an acute liquefaction of the brain.

“I want to go to the Maldives! How not to take? Well, I love you so much. ”

“Well, yes, screwed up. I told your friends that you watched The Little Mermaid instead of football. Well, you forgive me, but I love you. ”

It seems that from birth the girls were given instructions: in any incomprehensible situation, you need to say “I love you”, and you will get the indulgence of all the jambs.

What to do: do not allow yourself to be manipulated. You hear the phrase “Oh, I really want a new Iphone. Well, please, I love you ”, prepare the answer. “Honey, I love you too. Buy me a new Bentley, or better, a yacht. ” Believe me, after this, she will scrape her jaw off the floor for a long time.

  • Manipulation with sex

There are two variations:
Thanks. You promised her a new fur coat if she would be a “good girl” – and she already pulled out her best shorts, Kama Sutra, from the dresser and is waiting for you in bed. And you dumped so much dough for a new handbag that you can feed the starving in Africa – and for this you get encouraging sex. She plants you for sex, trains, submits to her desires. And you want more.

Blackmail. Refused to fulfill her next Wishlist – here’s a blanket, pillow, go to the sofa. And you will not get access to the body, even kill yourself with a broom. Why bother, discuss something, seek compromises, if you can hang a man for so far empty eggs and get what you want:

She has a headache – and the guy puts Italian boots on her forehead.

She was offended – and the man begins to throw gifts in front of her, like a fish – caviar.

Not taken to the shopping – goes into standby mode. To activate – attach a credit card and do not forget to say a pin code.

What to do: explain on fingers that sex is a physiological need. And if she plays on your bow and pride, sending you on the couch to suffer from sperm toxicosis – well, the world is not without good women.

  • Hostess mode

How is it that when a man lives on his own, he knows how to: fry the fried eggs, turn on the washer, and quarrel with a robot vacuum cleaner. But a woman appears in his life – and vital functions atrophy with her. Some guys can literally die next to the refrigerator full of food, because they were not warmed up, poured, they didn’t say: “It’s served, sit down to eat, please!”

This is how a strong lion turns into a burned seal. They scratch his belly, bring food to the clock and carefully drive one thought into his head: “Without me you will be lost.”

“Can’t you find your socks again? What would you do without me? ”

“I have prepared fresh borsch with meatballs. And so you would eat Ramen. “

What to do: understand that so a woman tries to strengthen her position, because there are so many competitors. She needs to emphasize her own significance. “She has third-size boobs, but I cook well”, “She is good in bed, and I embroider a cross and a toe”. And believe me, more often than not in such a simple way, she raises her self-esteem, which someone trampled into the ground before you. Praise her, but do not relax much. Is it not enough?

  • Compliments

Compliments are point strokes of egoism, from which you lose vigilance. The scheme is simple: first, it scratches you the FAC, tells you how strong, agile and skillful you are, pauses, and then voices your request. And you are being led into it! Because you only hear what you want to hear:

“You are so strong, let’s help your mother plant two hectares of tulips” – five minutes ago you didn’t give a damn about these tulips, but now you have to go, you’re strong.

“You are a real man, please fix the faucet in the bathroom” – and you undermine your ass and go, although you and plumbing are two straight lines that never intersect.

What to do: do not turn off the internal alarm. Praises often have a double bottom. If yesterday your hands weren’t able to do anything, but today they suddenly became golden – that means she needs something from you.

Friend, think with your right head and do not get fooled by female manipulations, otherwise you will not have time to blink, as she will hinder you with your own desires and force you to give a voice on command.

By Cindy
January 7, 2020

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