Where to go on a first date

If you have already learned how to meet girls and know how to communicate with them correctly, you are probably interested in the question of where to do it better. Indeed, this is a very important, though not obvious to everyone. If you do not think over the circumstances of the meeting well, then you can screw up everything, even if you yourself are well prepared. So any man should have several different places at once, where he will lead the girl without hesitation, depending on the circumstances.

Of course, experienced seducers are not required to explain such simple things. Wake them at night – and they will tell you where you can take the girl. But here a novice can make the most stupid mistakes. For example, to call a girl for a walk and not to think over the route. And now – you went through a beautiful place in 10 minutes and went on the highway. She says: “And here is my metro station”, says goodbye and runs away into the transition. That’s it, the date is over, the guy is left with nothing.

Below I will tell you how to choose the right place so that the acquaintance with the girl continues and ends successfully.

How to choose a place for a date with a girl?
Now it’s hard to surprise a girl by choosing a place for a date. It’s cool to bring her to the place where she will be blown away, but if this cannot be found, it does not matter. Having prepared well, you will build the foundation for pleasant communication and seduction.

Where to eat and chat
If you choose a place in which you want to have a date with a girl, then you should make sure that it meets several criteria.

  1. This should be a place where you are comfortable. You should feel confident and relaxed, the place should be to your liking. This is first and foremost.
  2. It is advisable that you have been here before. How else do you know? You can, of course, refer to the reviews, but this is only if it was not possible to check in advance and the date is spontaneous.
  3. If there is a kitchen, then everything should be tasty. Be sure to study the menu. It is advisable to be sure of most positions so that you can advise the girl something tasty.
  4. It should not be embarrassing to bring a girl here. It is not necessary to lead the girl to an expensive restaurant. But it should be a pleasant, worthy place.
  5. It is not loud (you can communicate freely). Here, I think, no need to explain. If the date is not directly at the club where you met. But there you can find a relatively quiet place.
  6. The place is quite secluded. If people constantly walk past you, you simply cannot relax.
  7. Plan the entire route. Especially the last point.

What else needs to be provided?

Surprisingly, many people do not know their city well. Especially now, when people are less likely to go out. If you look, then in each city there are quite beautiful and romantic places. Therefore, if you are preparing for one or more dates, do not be too lazy to visit places where you have not been. First, one – and if you like it, then there will be another location for a date.

In addition, new cool schools open every day. It is worth every few months to get out and study them. The girl will be pleased to visit where she had never been before. In other words, for you the whole city is a potential area for dates. You should know him like the back of your hand. In your head should be a detailed list of the most interesting, beautiful, tasty and romantic places. You should know about the emergence of new places and entertainment and the first to be there. Having such a complete list of locations in your head, you can choose the best in each case and you will not waste time and money.

In this article I tried to collect universal tips, they will help you make a choice, wherever you live. Remember that a good date preparation will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. And the original choice will show you the best side, because most guys don’t bother at all and take the girl to the nearest cafe to drink coffee. You have a chance to impress her on the first date, and who knows how it will end 🙂

By Cindy
January 5, 2020

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