Third wheel: how to break a love triangle?

Today, a man lives in a world where female sexuality is actively sold. Each lady considers herself the best of all, and presents her genitals as an invaluable gift. Most men are led to this. Girls have no idea about the rules of decency and honor, and therefore, without a twinge of conscience and with pleasure, they push men over their foreheads. A cultured, well-educated, well-read and simply kind girl will never allow herself to be used by men, especially several at the same time. And from here the very first and most important advice: do not fight for a girl. The brain exploded? I’ll explain now.

Yes, struggle, competition, rivalry – all this is only useful for a real and strong man. Yes, all of you are hunters and want to capture more and more “territories” in order to expand the scope of control. However, this is not due to sexual instinct.

The girl put your position in question, and after that you want to fight for her? It’s not about the fight with the guy who did something to you, but precisely for the girl who, it turns out, does not respect you. And if the third does not give up trying to be with her, then he does not respect himself. Do you respect yourself? It turns out that leaving in such a situation, it is you who remain the winner. You must fight for what was taken from you or want to be taken away. But this does not apply to women, because no one will take away the one that will definitely say no. We are not in the Middle Ages.

But I would still advise you to focus not on fighting with another guy, but on seducing this girl.

This tactic will help you start thinking right and get benefits. A good tactic is that you do not recognize anyone as a rival, so you do not pay attention to that guy, but focus on your goal. That is, if you decide not to leave, you can only take what you want – a girl. Seduce, fall in love with yourself. What does she like about that guy? Become better at the same qualities.

If you meet a girl, but see that she has fans, do not pay attention to them. If she herself tells or asks suggestive questions, show that you are not interested. When it happens to be three together in one place, do not notice it and generally pretend that there is no problem. You should understand well what ignorance and indifference are – in these states there are no emotions. Therefore, they are so effective. Either weakness or anger is expected from you. Remember this.

Next, you need to do this: to understand what is really important for the girl, what she enjoys and what she strives for. And give her that. Moreover, so that she understands that she will have it only if she sleeps with you. If it does not, then it is possible to interpret. But if possible, it’s better not to speak directly. She can be obsessed with sex, clothes, beautiful places, and you – those who can give all this. At the same time, one cannot forget about oneself beloved. A girl should notice that others like you, and a little that you will find yourself with another, no less beautiful woman. All this should be true, not just one big swindle.

The secret to success in situations of competition for independence. You should be ready to be alone and this should not scare you. Also, you do not think about possible failures, that is, you do not bathe and do not clog your brain with decadent and defeatist thoughts. And if you don’t think about your opponent, then he’s not there. And there is no problem. If you are worried that a girl can make the wrong choice or commit stupidity, if she is not controlled, then why do you need her? And why do you need nerves? Do not think about defeats, especially if the event is not a defeat.

By Cindy
January 4, 2020

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