Cases when ignore does not help

Ignore is one of the most important and effective tools for returning a girl. He is advised almost always, and sometimes only him is enough. Ignoring works even when a girl knows about the existence of this tool. Amazing thing, almost magic. But there is an exception to each rule, and ignore this also applies.

In what cases does ignore not work? Let’s talk about it below.

  • When ignore is a continuation of the relationship

Girls do not always leave the guys because they got them. Very many do not receive in the relationship the most important thing – attention and care. Ignore in this situation will only aggravate, because you just continue the line that was in the relationship: you still do not care for this girl.

Guys in relationships often relax – especially when the girl does not have a soul in you and cannot stand the brain. It seems that she will always be with you, and you are doing less and less for her. Instead of going somewhere with her, you meet friends, sit at home aimlessly or stay at work. You stop investing in relationships and gradually become indifferent to their fate. Of course, she will leave sooner or later, and only after the passage of time will you realize how well this girl treated you.

When a guy starts biting his elbows, it’s usually too late. Most likely, the girl managed to survive the months in which attempts to persuade her man and meditations fit – before deciding to leave. Attempts to easily return it will almost certainly fail. In this situation, ignore (which is widely used when a girl leaves a guy for other reasons) will only prove her right: “He has not changed.” If she surrenders now and easily runs to you at the first call, tomorrow you will again be the one from whom she so painfully left.

Logic on the side of the girl. She understands that you only came to your senses when she left. So, perhaps you are just hurt, and we are not talking about any feelings. If you loved her, you would not allow yourself such behavior during a relationship. And if he loved, but behaved like that, then this is generally strange. I agree?

  • You disappointed her as a person.

Usually this happens at the breakup stage: instead of deciding to take her decision with dignity, you bring down the whole gamut of feelings of an inadequate person to a girl. It can be tears, humiliation, or even violence against her. This is the case when the breakup turns into hell, and all your friends and acquaintances know you as “that crazy ex-boyfriend who is best to stay away from.” Your name becomes a household name and it is not accepted to use it as a villain from “Harry Potter”. Usually this lasts at least a few months (or even years) before the guy calms down.

Ignore on your part in this case is the best reward for the girl. Perhaps by this moment she had already got rid of the old phone number and social networks, asked all her friends and relatives not to talk to you, or even moved to another city. So to some extent you didn’t ignore it yourself, but there were circumstances that you physically cannot find contact with.

  • You sent her off as an ignore.

If you got rid of the annoying girl with the help of complete disregard, and only then realized that you like her, then you should not continue such a line of behavior. She already realized that you do not need, and decided to disappear from your life.

How to be

If you are in one of these situations, you have already made a lot of mistakes. You can draw conclusions and try not to behave like this in the future or try to return the girl. In the second case, you need to abandon the tactics of ignore. It is more important to correct what has been done – to smooth the negative. Ignore is good in cases where your significance level is in negative values, and the girl who quit you is periodically interested in you – to make sure that you all worship her.

By Cindy
December 29, 2019

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