Excuses that work! (Part 2)


You forgot to congratulate her on the anniversary of your acquaintance. Moreover, I had the recklessness to say that she herself should have reminded you of this date, if she had expected to receive a gift. From her point of view, you have no forgiveness. For example, let’s have one with mine, but it will not help you in any way.

What to say next time?
A. Well, why? That day I remember very well: I was unlucky in the morning.
B. Get dressed! We go to the jewelry salon, where you yourself will choose a gift.
Q. I wonder how you could remember the date? You were so drunk.

Correct answer: B
Now that you have knocked out the soil from under the girl’s feet, you will no longer hear the speech prepared for your arrival. And yet, anyway, apologize for making her worried. And then honestly try to atone for your guilt with a trip to the jewelry salon. And if on the way you call in somewhere where you can buy new shoes … Well, perhaps you are forgiven. Oh yes! And a handbag matching the shoes!

Vow break

On Wednesday evening (for the third time this week) she caught you for ……………… (fill in the required). And all would be fine, but literally on Sunday for some reason you promised her to quit …………, never again …………… and break off relations with ……………………. you smile guiltily and say: “I’m sorry, I automatically …” That is, you act like a spineless talker and a rag, which you now, from her point of view, are. Because a real man, such as Vin Diesel, knows how to keep his word.

What to say next time?
A. You know, tackling all this turned out to be much harder than I thought. Thank god I have your support!
B. Have you been specially assigned to me to follow me forever?
C. Say thank you for not being able to keep my word. I promised my friends to leave you last year.

Correct answer: B
It is very important for a girl that you really want to meet her expectations. She wants to make you better, so don’t resist: it doesn’t hurt at all. Believe me: the help that she will be ready to give you in the fight against bad habits will brighten up your life in brief breaks between abstaining from them.

 Grace for the Fallen

You misfired in bed, and now you swear nothing like this has ever happened to you before. This is already enough. You can make the situation even more difficult only if, for the sake of proving the exceptional nature of the incident, you rush to seek witnesses to your past victories.

What to say next time?
A. Well, here is an eloquent answer to the question, are you getting fat …
B. Today I am very tired. Believe me, you have nothing to do with it: you are more beautiful than ever.
Q. You know, I’m probably just bored with this. Maybe try to do it three together?

Correct answer: B
Try to say differently, and the girl will definitely decide that the problem is in her. She is already terrorized by the ads “I code from cellulite” and “Lose weight per kilogram in three years” – what if now it turns out that these ads are designed specifically for her? Calm her before it’s too late. It’s just that you have technical difficulties, it is in this vein that the problem should be discussed. Otherwise, she will go crazy thinking about what is wrong with her. Yes, and it will be easier for you. You will not fall asleep, having corrupted your soul with thoughts of this fiasco.


It would seem that you were distracted for just a second. And you should have nodded inappropriately at the very moment when she vilely asked: “Are you just pretending to listen to me?” Don’t even try to get out: you still can’t repeat a word from what she said before. And what she will say afterwards is so clear: “You don’t give a damn about my problems. You have completely lost interest in me … You are not listening to me again! ”

What to say next time?
A. Have you ever? Well, at least once ?? Has she said anything worthwhile ???
B. It seems that when I was drinking tea today, water got into my ear. What are you saying? I can not hear!
Q. I was really distracted … I thought about where we will spend your vacation.

Correct answer: B
She will not find what to say. Yes, you did not listen to her and deserve the worst punishment. But then you thought about her, and it is worthy of praise. And since your thoughts were devoted to your joint plans, in addition to everything, the girl will also be intrigued. Do not disclose the plans themselves, remain mysterious. And stop yawning while she speaks – it somehow does not go to your mystery.

 Jealousy is not a vice

Actually, you’re not jealous. True, at a recent party you did not allow her to dance even with her sibling, explaining this by the fact that in our turbulent times, additional security measures will not interfere.

What to say next time?
A. You know, I love you so much that sometimes I really look stupid.
B. And I, frankly, did not suspect that you might be of interest to anyone.
B. Pack your bags and go to the waiter you’ve been staring at all evening.

Correct answer: A
Well, how can she blame you after that? A woman likes to feel under your protection, and not under vigilant control. Jealousy means only one thing for a girl: you are unsure of her. Othello’s example will surely come to her mind. The guy was also too hot – and do you remember how it all ended?

By Cindy
December 28, 2019

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