How to justify an expensive men’s purchase

Quiet evening. You return home, holding a retromotorcycle between your legs, girdling your chest with a guitar strap and holding a limited stuffed Godzilla under your arm. So that the gentle creature that meets you does not throw lightning and kick with its furry slippers, do not show it to her.

  • Explain the addition of a friendly exchange

It’s great if you have an old oscilloscope or at least a game console. In general, any large thing that your girlfriend does not need. Feel free to throw it out (or really give it to a friend) and make sure that the thing brought in exchange will be the same size or smaller. Do not forget to say from the doorway with a smile that the old crap has been in the way for a long time, and a completely different life will begin with the new one.

  • Do not talk about the real purchase price

We are for honesty in the relationship, but it is useless to explain why the Fender Custom Shop handmade by a famous master is more expensive than a bag of Yorkshire terriers. For persuasiveness, you can create a fake page with a large photo of a particular purchase and a modest price and forget it on the screen of a wide-open laptop.

  • Remember in advance about the old debt, which you should return the other day

So what? Everyone repays debts to each other with electric motor skates.

  • Pretend that you brought something unimportant home

Putting a purchase on a skim surface and approaching it exclusively in a white coat is a sure way to demonstrate that an item is expensive. Error! Leave the purchase for a day in the corner, covering with an abandoned shirt on top for fidelity.

  • Imagine this as a valuable gift that was handed to you at work

Seriously, not everyone can take three weeks to take the post of a manager for sending out notifications. Why not reward for this? Even if you are both the presenter and the recipient yourself.

By Cindy
December 26, 2019

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