You live with this. 10 rules for living with a woman (another 5)

  • Do not watch porn alone when she is at home

Even if the girl herself is an ardent admirer of this type of art, it is better to watch such recordings and sites either alone with her, or in complete solitude. She perceives watching porn together as your courtship for her, as an attempt to convey erotic signals to her.

If you are the only one hiding in your office and indulging in these signals there, for a girl it is almost a betrayal. After all, such behavior in the most obvious way proves that your libido feels fine without it.

  • Do not have sex on the calendar or on the alarm

It is very important for patients with epilepsy to observe a strict mode of life and at the same hours to walk, eat and go to bed. So which of you and the young woman has epilepsy? If not with anyone, then it is advisable in every possible way to kick back from standard schemes when it comes to sex. It is clear that when there is always an accessible (within reasonable limits) woman at hand, then somehow it turns out that sex wonderfully fits into a kind of schedule. And depending on your sexual needs, you automatically begin to crawl towards her with tenderness, for example, strictly on Tuesdays and Fridays after the news, and on Sundays – right after you wake up. And everything suits you, which is not surprising, since the male body likes to work like a Swiss watch in all its fields. But the girl runs the risk of being slightly sad. Everything is different with us. Our hormonal cycle non-stop shuffles the hormonal deck, only partially focusing on the lunar phases. Peaks of excitability are scattered throughout the female biography, horrible, forming whimsical charts, which can only be predicted approximately. Want sex to bring you both more satisfaction? Try to deal with it not when it is convenient, but when the girl is in a clearly playful mood.

If you live in your home, avoid the word “mine”, if she has – avoid the word “yours”

We have not yet come up with ultraprecise weights on which to offend weights, we still won’t find out which girls are more unpleasant – when you constantly remind us that we are visiting, or when you constantly declare that you are visiting. When in the third year of your life together you climb under the sink with the words “Well, you are crazy with pipes!” Or when you ask her to run to the bank and pay your apartment bills, the girl hears something like this: “I think that you and I, by and large, strangers. “

  • Do not grumble because of the mess in the house

If you needed clean linen, you would not bring a girl to the house, but a new washing machine with dryer. But let’s be frank: at the moment of meeting you were interested in underwear least of all in the world. Why now spoil your nerves by finding out that a wonderful lover and good friend in combination is an unusually lousy vacuum cleaner? All women are different. Some with genuine pleasure fry, starch and polish everything that they see on their life paths. Others do it without excitement, but somehow quickly and imperceptibly. For the third, maintaining order in the apartment is as easy and natural as flying for a penguin. On the contrary, pour all the coffee, fill it with ashes, screw it up in the bathroom – that’s where they are born geniuses. And you will have the right to read notations to the girl about this in the only case – if you yourself are buzzing around the house like a bee. And since you are not buzzing with a 90 percent probability, there is a clear lack of honesty.

Even if you earn almost the entire total budget, anyway the young lady will always have the last argument: if you are so wealthy, where are my cook and the maid? Ah, you don’t have any money for them? So rejoice that next to such a selfless and noble person who does not require anything from you, and even last week she washed herself a glass. This is an approximate summary of any logical debate on this topic.

So if there are serious problems in the field of cleanliness and order, hire a housekeeper who comes at least once a week. No matter how terrible money it requires from you, investments will still pay off.

  • Toilet seat

Good news. It is not so necessary to omit it. According to my information verified by friends, most of the young ladies are already grateful for the fate that their partners at least promptly raise this unfortunate seat.

By Cindy
December 25, 2019

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