You live with this. 10 rules for living with a woman (5 of them)

If you decide to have a girl at home, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules for her maintenance and care in advance. Experienced breeders can also learn a lot of useful and interesting from this article.

  • Never rummage in her personal belongings, but not a scandal if she rummages in yours

Yes, this is unfair, but such is the world. Her drawer with linen, her secret first-aid kit, her cosmetic bag, and this strange round basket in the bathroom – everything should be reliably protected from your creeps. Women are mysterious creatures. They want to stay that way and will be extremely angry if you find something exclusively non-mysterious in their underwear or personal care products. The worst thing you can do after such an invasion is to start asking questions. For example: “Hmm. And what are “rectal suppositories?” They will answer you that they are such curlers, and they will hate them at heart. At the same time, all your attempts to declare sovereign territories will end with a blank misunderstanding. Because the woman in the house or the mistress, or nobody, and teaching her the term “restricted area” is useless.

Theoretically, you can knock yourself a couple of islands of independence. For example, one desk drawer with “important” documents. And one tool box. Although the young lady in two ways will be able to explain to you how convenient it is to knit a sock with four Solingen screwdrivers. But if I were you, I would not really hope even for that.
On the other hand, you have every moral right to forbid her, even in a harsh form, from inspecting your car. How many important part of the engine does she unscrew, delving into the glove compartment?

  • Do not fill the refrigerator with ham and ice cream when she is on a diet

Remember what happened to one such snake, which slipped a hungry lady at the wrong time just an apple? That’s right, he is now walking on his stomach, eating dust and everyone is beating him in the head. Perhaps he deserves sympathy, but certainly not imitation. In general, the safest thing at this time is to eat in restaurants and return home, only carefully scoring menthol chewing indiscreet aroma of steaks and rolls. For torture is prohibited by the Geneva Convention.

  • Buy a big bed

Researchers at the Department of Sociology at the University of Cologne have had a fun experience: they equipped different matrimonial bedrooms with recording cameras. The resulting shoots were mounted and scrolled in accelerated mode, as a result of which it became clear that the exemplary spouses, falling asleep in each other’s arms, already five minutes later began to wage a fierce struggle for territory. And although in real time the movements of the sleeping bodies were almost imperceptible and seemingly random, but in fast-forward it looked like mutual aggressive kicking, pushing and kicking – at least call the police. Moreover, the narrower the bed, the more sophisticated and vigorous the fighting was.
Suppose that when we wake up in the morning, we ourselves do not remember or realize anything, but our revengeful subconscious mind … Oh, it does not forget anything!

  • Don’t stick around at home for the first time

It is possible that at first you will be so unforgivably good and interesting together that even you will perceive both your lonely trip to the bakery on the ground floor as a disaster. But keep in mind (no matter how you would like to sit still motionless, holding her hand and looking enthusiastically at the wall), the standards and rules of your life together are being laid right now. And if you don’t immediately find the moral strength in yourself to remember how many important things you have in the city tonight, then after a few months you will have to fight for your freedom of movement, simultaneously explaining that no, didn’t stop loving, no, didn’t and “what are you, not the least bit bored!”. And if from the very beginning you had farsightedly made it a rule to go often and for a long time to friends, on business or for lonely ten-kilometer walks with deep thought, then soon your habits would have received the status of a norm and would not have caused any terrible suspicions among the young ladies.

  • Do not make her ask for money for the household

Pumping money out of one’s neighbor is a unique process in that it equally annoys the one who asks and the one who is asked. But since it is still somehow necessary to maintain a common economy, it will be reasonable from the very beginning to agree that the capital for these purposes will lie here. In the amount that you can currently shake out of yourself.

By Cindy
December 24, 2019

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