Easy! Chat with a girl via SMS

If you have a mobile phone, immediately get it out of the cellar and plug it into the socket – now we will tell you how to use SMS more effectively to seduce charming subscribers.


There are reports to which it is strictly contraindicated in the early stages of communication. If you are not comfortable with the role of a free psychoanalyst clown, messages like “Why is the world so cruel?” And “How are you?” Mercilessly ignore. You should also be careful about frankly consumer messages: “Honey, look, will it snow in the evening?” Or “By the way, do you have a car on the go?” Both categories of messages are permissible only if you already had sex.


Wait 10-15 minutes before answering. Let the girl have the feeling that you are busy with something serious. This will teach (theoretically) to appreciate your time and will reduce the flow of meaningless SMS in the future. Two more signs of a busy person: typos and shorter messages than hers.


  • More emotions
    You don’t understand this, but women pay attention to the intonation inserts: “oh,” “mmm,” “oo,” etc. Feel the difference: “Woke up?” What are your plans for the evening? ”And“ Oh, did I wake you up? ” Let’s go to a swing party in the evening, mmm? ”
  • More intrigue
    Curiosity is a woman’s weak point. Be generous with ellipses: “I would like to be here now and …”
  • Less originality
    Games with a register and spelling can give you a sort of children’s charm, but in general they leave a feeling of foreignness, cause a desire to distance oneself from the interlocutor. Do you want to show off – at maximum, use the inverted emoticons “(:”, “(-;”.


If you are the first to write a new acquaintance, be prepared for the fact that they will not answer SMS: this is one of the classic tricks for filtering out guys. She expects you to start bombarding her with questions, and with relief she will enroll you in the ranks of obsessive gentlemen. Wait at least a day and only then send an SMS like: “You were taken into slavery there, mmm? Or…”


Be the first to finish correspondence. For example: “Sorry, I’m at a meeting (I board a plane, dissuade a suicide), we will write off later.” Or don’t answer the last message to do it tomorrow, starting with the words: “I couldn’t answer yesterday, I got on the plane …”

Go ahead!

By Cindy
December 22, 2019

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