Features of relations with young women(2)

Do not joke constantly about your age

Self-irony is a great way to deal with an inferiority complex, but has its own quantitative limitation. Having joked about your short stature, poor memory or a wart on your nose, you make it clear that you have no complex and you are easy to treat the defect. You don’t take a steam bath at all. Well, that is not a drop! You’re even joking: look! And again, and again, and again – until it becomes clear to everyone around you that you cannot think of anything else. And then they really pay attention to the wart. So it is with your age. She will not notice him if you do not intrusively irony once an hour about your gray hair and false teeth.

Don’t bother

Gifts, purchases and generally expenses are an obligatory part of the adult-young relationship program. She wants everything, but not much else can, it’s exactly the opposite for you. If there is no extra money, it’s better not to start. So be generous, give trifles and size, with or without reason, as planned or as a surprise. “Old and greedy” is even worse than “old and impotent.” But do not turn into a daddy who rewards a girl for fear for every sex or trip to a restaurant. This is not a relationship, but an escort service, if not prostitution. Although, if both of you find it easier, who will blame you?

Don’t laugh at her interests

The old … that is, an adult man is also an intellectual elevator for a girl, a chance to broaden his horizons, to join others’ experience. Sowing the seeds of knowledge, introducing it to your favorite books and films is your duty in a relationship. And her role is to listen and giggle stupidly. However, this does not mean that the modesty of her intellectual baggage should be the subject of friendly bantering, turning into bullying. Respect her tastes. Get acquainted with them (the profile in the social network will tell you a lot), delve into it. Surprise her with your knowledge of vampires and contemporary music. Sorrowfully stating that “the late Tokio Hotel sounds too poppy”, you will make it clear that her entire previous life was not in vain.

But don’t teach her constantly

However, know the measure. After explaining once how harmful it is to fry cocaine in butter, stop. Repeating the same thing, albeit an axiomatic rule, you turn into a boring dad. The young have a good ear: she heard for the first time. And if you didn’t follow the advice, then this is her choice. Don’t push – the next universal rule for relationships of any age.

Do not participate in her dramas

Remember your first reaction to women’s tears? Then you joined sobs, tried to commit suicide, or immediately married her – that’s all in the past. You can have time to forget about it. But at twenty, life is full of drama. The weekly number of life shocks of the average student will be enough for an adult woman for a year, and a phlegmatic man for life. On Monday, she can fall in love, bury her love on Tuesday, revel in loneliness on an orgy on Wednesday, suffer on Thursday because of an unfulfilled test, on Friday devote her life to art forever, go to a monastery on Saturday, and cry on Sunday because didn’t fit in tight jeans. Do not become part of her drama. Be calm, condescending and prudent. Listen, pat on the head, say: “Well, well, everything will be fine!” – and feed a delicious dinner.

Choose Mixed Parties

When you get used to a person, you cease to adequately evaluate it. And the opinion of outsiders can suddenly make you reconsider your assessment. And strangers are cruel. Each of us can look stupid in certain situations: someone at a marathon, someone at a political debate. Such situations should simply be avoided. Therefore, if your misalliance is going to visit, think in advance in which company you will find yourself. You need a student party just like she has a get-together with your friends and their wives. Choose mixed companies with people of different ages. But do not be afraid of her friends: if you managed to charm one, then you can handle three. But she really wants to brag about you – so grown-up, smart and respectable!


And the last: throw all these tips. If the notorious chemistry does not arise, then you can not help with any tricks. And vice versa: if you suit each other humanly, then the age difference will not hurt you. As Hemingway said, “in bed all are the same height and the same age.”

By Cindy
December 21, 2019

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