Features of relations with young women(1)

You grow, mature and even grow old, and the pretty girls who brighten up these processes, for some reason, remain at about the same age – about twenty. And then one day we understand that the once-attractive difference of five or six years has grown up to eleven, and you theoretically already suit her as a father. You belong to different generations, and from time to time you don’t understand at all that she says what she wants and who SpongeBob is.

There is no problem that you are already well over thirty, and she is a student. Tradition is on your side. The age difference has always been socially acceptable (unlike the class difference), and even more so now. Moreover, any woman wants a man to be older. At least for the reasons that peers at the age of fifty find themselves in different niches in the market of sexual attractiveness: she is already, and he is still. What to do, the male and female age flow differently. So, there is no problem here, but there are some nuances. And in order not to look funny and increase your chances of success, you need to avoid some mistakes.

Be yourself

It’s good when you are a rock star, a crazy artist or a fashion magazine editor. Artistic habits automatically level age and soothe a girl’s conscience. You can always object to your girlfriends: “So what, that sand is pouring. He’s a rapper! ”But the fact that Mick Jagger can be 68 years old does not always suit an ordinary guy at 35. What should a middle-aged manager do, even an older one, with a bald head and half-belly? Against the background of a student, he immediately wants to become younger. And with lightning speed, he begins to look like an idiot.

He begins to behave in the way that, in his opinion, a young man should behave: he makes abrupt movements, dances, straightens his bangs, smiles well, snapping his fingers every minute and pulling himself up on the door jamb. But the joints creak, the bangs have long gone to the back of the head, and the doorposts cannot withstand such a load.

In general, if life and reason are dear to you, I conjure: do not try to get younger (a special case of the universal rule “do not try to be someone else”). No matter how you like yourself in a new image, falsehood is visible per kilometer. You can’t hide your age with grimaces and clothes, and the trump cards of maturity (about them below) remain unchained.

Keep fit

This is a much safer way to rejuvenate. Chronological age is conventionality, physiological age is reality. And the second, unlike the first, is in your hands. Nothing new: diet, gym, cosmetology. Landmark – James Bond. Well-groomed, fit, pleasantly smelling, dressed in a classic style. It is outside. Inside you yourself, as you are. If she doesn’t like such as she is, then it’s not about age. Well, okay. Don’t say that the girls didn’t refuse you in your youth.

Don’t let her take the initiative

“Let’s go to the cafe, there is a hookah! No, phew, I don’t want a hookah! Let’s pick up Stacy! No, let’s go dance! No, let’s skate like this, just buy ice cream! ”Having lost the habit of youthful spontaneity, we can begin to take every burst of her initiative for a serious intention to manage leisure time. And wanting to please her, she begins to bring this chaos to life. By killing a couple of nights in this way and not really doing anything, you will understand one simple thing: you must be the initiator. You decide where you will go and what you will do. Gently and with a smile, you should play the role of a leader in this strange tandem.

Be a stone wall

Why do so many girls prefer mature men? Because their company can be in another world. A world of comfort and pleasure, where there are no domestic and material problems. So you have to match. Solve her problems, take her to rest, do not look at the price tags, choose better and more expensive places. This is what she imagined when she came across the term “adult man.” Do not deceive her expectations if you do not want to rely only on your brutal sexuality. This does not mean that she will cynically use you. It’s just that the concept of “you” for her includes not only your appearance, but also your lifestyle, your opportunities, your position and work. And, alas, in your union you will inevitably have to be a responsible half, a parent who knows what is possible and what is not. Crazy impulses to walk along the ledge or spend all the savings on a motorcycle are good in the performance of its peers, but in yours they can scare.

Do not force events

Just like you can think that she needs only your money, she can worry that you need only her elastic body. We are all afraid to be used (although it is much more unpleasant when no one wants to use us). The image of a lustful old man in a girl’s gallery of scary characters takes pride of place between the evil teacher and the mother-in-law vixen. So let’s not rush into sex, we’ll be a little indifferent and mysterious. Like many here, this old rule is quite universal for relationships. Marinate her, but so as not to go into the category of senior comrade. It’s a bad sign if even after pickling she stubbornly avoids the possibility of being alone, she doesn’t go to your home, referring either to her parents or to the institute, while willingly allowing herself to be entertained in clubs and restaurants. This is already really use.

Don’t be jealous

Maturity is confidence and calm. Jealousy is the exact opposite. In addition, that this is generally a vile feeling, on the account of which every second sunken marriage. In response to potential young competitors, each time you show your weakness, make it clear that you consider yourself less attractive. In the end, she too can believe it. Your weapon is friendliness, self-confidence and a left hook.

By Cindy
December 20, 2019

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