How to avoid a scandal with a girl

8 rules that will help to live in peace and harmony even with a very nervous girlfriend.

Justify and show
Do everything to be understood. Even the trivial things that you consider obvious, you need to chew or demonstrate live. If you disappear at work, think over a beautiful prospect that directly depends on your finances: original repairs, holidays on exotic islands. If the move does not work, invite her to work. Preferably on an emergency day.

Come up with a lesson for her
If a girl has a lot of free time, the root of many conflicts may lie in the fact that she is just bored. Give her subscriptions to the solarium, fitness and strip plastic courses. Living by dashes from one point to another, she will have neither the strength nor the time to engage in quarrels.

It is possible that a woman wants her to just be listened to, and this problem will disappear. Try to get to the bottom of her true torment – perhaps your companion needs advice, a little flattery or the usual repair of a leaking shower.

Change reality
Monotony is often the primary source of irritation. Subconsciously, your girlfriend may try to diversify your life with the help of scandals: it seems to her that living with them is much more interesting. Decisively beat off the girl’s craving for scandalous behavior, changing her image, offering to break into another city for the weekend, inviting her to a sex shop or simply reaching out to her ear with her tongue.

This does not mean that you need to be a henpecked and fulfill all the vagaries. Just for each of her demands (do not drive friends home) put forward your own (do not start pets and return the cat to mom). Spheres of influence can also be divided. If a girl cares for an apartment in accordance with her beliefs, you establish a policy in the car, and then she does not have the right to switch music if she plays AC / DC and throw blackened oranges out of the glove compartment.

Don’t overdo it
For one “serious conversation”, analyze only one question that excites your couple. The girl will consider that your life consists of some problems if you try to dump everything on her at once.

Practice on others
Try to discuss what is happening in family life with your mutual friends or even with the characters in the series. Speaking about the behavior of other couples, you get to know each other better and, therefore, solve conflict situations before they even have time to arise in your life.

Sorry if you are to blame
Quarrels are not the best way to prove your case or superiority. If you are really wrong in something, then it makes no sense to defend your innocence.

By Cindy
December 19, 2019

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