How to get rid of a girlfriend

If when filling out the questionnaire in the column “marital status” you are tempted to write “worthless” – it’s bad. It’s time to admit to yourself that the relationship has become obsolete.

London-based psychologist Clara Scott, a family and marriage specialist, says: “You don’t need to follow the emotions and convince yourself that everything will work out. If you understand that you are not comfortable with a person, part with him and do not torment both of you. And do not admit goodbye to love – it will only get worse. “

In general, the easiest way to get rid of a girl is to convince her that she really wants to get rid of you. And here is a couple of simple tips for you.

  1. Jealousy does not maintain relations, but destroys them – go to the Othello and once again make sure of it. Therefore, start in the presence of your girlfriend to praise other women and compliment them for the eyes (and also for the legs and buttocks).
  2. More often compare your girlfriend with her mother. Girls clinging to a strong relationship often have the so-called Electra complex (this is like an Oedipus complex for girls). After the words “you also do not know how to cook soft-boiled eggs like your mother”, a friend begins to hate you quietly.
  3. Go inside and sit there longer. Girls want to communicate with you even more than you have sex with us, can you imagine? If you look into the distance and not respond to her remarks, you can soon put an end to relationships. Aerobatics: ignore generally all external stimuli, including Figo’s breakthrough on the flank.
  4. I know it will be difficult. And yet – refuse sex. After that, the girl will definitely decide that you are a dubious acquisition, and will leave you. Which was required.
By Cindy
December 16, 2019

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