5 ways to behave chivalrously

I took some rules for treating the woman of the ideology of chivalry Andrew Capellan and adapted them to the present.
For lack of such codes in our history, I took some advice from Andrew and adapted them to the present. Yes, by the way, there is nothing about sex there. And the author calls the relationship “love” – apparently, this is knightly slang. The rest of the manual is sensible.

  1. Love is impossible in the house where greed lives
    Making a girl is not a cheap pleasure, because the need to pay a bunch of bills has not been canceled. Not only do you have to pass for greed, you have to shell out a generous tip for couriers, waiters and other bartenders. If you don’t want to give money to these people, give up cash in your wallet and finally go to bank cards. With them you can pay for trips to cafes and restaurants, as well as pay for flowers and pizza delivery, ordering them via the Internet. The sentence “Oh, annoyance, I forgot to withdraw cash again!” At first it will work well. And then you either part, or she will no longer pay attention to such trifles.
  2. In love, a man is always careful
    If you brought the girl home and you have not had sex yet, take your time to turn on the wit, give out the jokes invented the day before and try to knock her onto the bed as soon as she starts to writhe from laughter. Give tribute to her excitement and give some time to the girl was able to get comfortable in a new place. Find an excuse to leave her alone in the room for 10-15 minutes so she can study the situation. Having looked around well, your new acquaintance will feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible in an unfamiliar house. When you are alone to avoid awkward pauses or to end talking topics, come up with a little soothing activity. It can be both joint cooking of a light snack, or just drinking wine (at awkward moments you can twist glasses and evaluate the color saturation of the drink). If possible, show the girl a house before you meet there for sex. To do this, you have to come up with an excuse: you need to replace a “randomly” soiled shirt or walk the dog before going to the club.
  3. There will be no pleasure if the lover takes possession of a woman without her consent
    And if you do this with a stranger, then you can even get behind bars. The rule also works with your own girlfriend, especially when you want to pretend to be not so selfish and give her pleasure. Foreplay is certainly a good thing, but it’s not enough for maximum effect. Observe the girl’s behavior and try to predict her desire to have sex even before the hints become too obvious. The women’s dream that men finally learn to read thoughts will be embodied in the best of their manifestations. Despite the fact that the signals of each girl are individual, there are several common ones. They will help you if you know each other recently. For example, she smoothes her hair (despite the fact that the hairstyle is in perfect order) or wraps it around her finger; Do not look away first if your glances have clashed; every now and then fumbling earring, beads or earlobe; repeats your movements (also puts his foot on the foot or leans back on the sofa).
  4. Love rarely tolerates publicity
    Considering that almost every one of you is actively using at least one social network, hiding your relations even from friends is not so simple. It is even more difficult to get acquainted with several girls on the net at once: it will not be good if they find out about each other’s existence in your contact list or that you send them gifts with insanely gentle and frank, but identical comments. So take care of maximum secrecy by going to the privacy settings section. Hide friend lists from prying eyes; send gifts and winks in a mode hidden from everyone except the recipient; set a ban on the publication of open messages on your page (let them write personal ones).
  5. A good lover is constantly thinking about his woman
    In your free time, prepare e-mails, cards and notes a month in advance, and if you happen to be in a shopping center and buy pleasant little things that you will give her at least every night “just for what you have”. SMS, by the way, can be written on the websites of mobile operators. There is a convenient option that allows you to choose the time for sending each message, so that having spent one lunch to compose them, for some time you will be freed from reminders about yourself.

By Cindy
December 11, 2019

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