13 myths about women

Do you think you know women as well as you knew the multiplication table in fifth grade? How many shocking discoveries await you in this article revealing male self-confidence!

Myth 1: Women like children.
Oddly enough, women are much weaker than men, the program does not cause harm to the calf. A couple of years ago, the Center for Advanced Behavioral Research in Palo Alto (USA) bothered to find out the number of complaints about the behavior of strangers from visitors to several fast-food restaurant chains. The results were surprising: for nine women complaining of crying, noise and running around children, there was only one man who expressed his dissatisfaction with the administration about this, while the percentage of women among restaurant visitors as a whole was not much higher. However, psychologists are inclined to explain this by the fact that women generally pay more attention to children, and therefore are better oriented in their good and bad behavior. And they actually suffer from the sight of young citizens putting plates of porridge on their heads.

Myth 2: Women work worse than men.

Even if we consider the highly-civilized countries of the “golden billion”, women’s salaries in almost all areas hardly reach 70% of the salaries of their male colleagues. There is a feeling that a man in society is seen as a better worker, and therefore expensive. In fact, such statistics arise due to the fact that it also takes into account the income of women who work part-time, devoting part of their time to family and children. In general, women have long proved that in most professions that are not associated with heavy physical exertion, they are at least equivalent.

Myth 3: Women Are Cowardly
According to the research of F. Riemann, a German scientist, author of works on the phenomenon of fear, women in general are less able to recognize risky situations and, accordingly, it is easier to perform courageous acts without hesitation. Roughly speaking, if you aim at a woman with a pistol, there is a high risk that she will try to attack you all the same, because fewer men believe that they will shoot at her, that they shoot at all and that this thing is a real gun . But women have less willingness to step over fear if they are able to recognize it.

Myth 4: Women are more afraid of pain.
Immediately before childbirth, women begin to receive analgesic substances in the body that reduce pain sensitivity – this is why women are able to survive birth pains, which, according to some reports, could lead to pain shock with the death of every second man.

Myth 5: Women are less intelligent.
No, women are representatives of the norm, they have quite rare both higher and lower indicators of intelligence. So in general, women are smarter due to the category of very stupid men.

Myth 6: Women are greedy for all kinds of fiddlers – bows, ribbons, mugs and other nonsense
A classic example of mirror logic: “If someone, on a date, puts on a pink bow – does he like pink bows?” It would seem that the answer should be “yes”. But with the same success, it could be argued that the fisherman, casting a fishing rod, puts a worm on the hook, because he likes to eat worms. Checking whether women like pink bows is very simple: tie a couple and walk along the streets, considering the admiring female looks. We have to admit: all of these stilettos, mesh stockings and whipped curls are primarily liked by us. And the overwhelming majority of women go home in cozy trainings and comfortable grandmother’s robes.

Myth 7: There are more women in the world than men.
For 107 boys in the world, only 100 girls are born. And this if you do not take into account all sorts of India and China, where such an imbalance is intensified artificially. In some Chinese provinces, parents who dream of a son abort female fetuses so hard that there are as many as 120 potential suitors per 100 newborn girls.

Myth 8: Women Are Weaker Sex
Yes, a woman will unload a wagon with cement more slowly and dramatically. Her muscle mass is on average 24% less than the muscle mass of an average man. But in general, women do not have to claim the title of the weaker sex. We are much easier to bear the majority of everyday adversities. For example, prolonged starvation or thirst, increased radiation, as well as sudden temperature changes are more likely to kill a man. In addition, women are much better at resisting infections.

Myth 9: Women generally live longer.
In fact, everything is somewhat different. It is not women who live longer, but men who die earlier.

Myth 10: Women are vegetarian at heart, and you, bloody predators, need meat
Yes, of course, you are a crude carnivore, and she is a tender elf with a lime leaf in her mouth … In fact, adult men, in principle, do not need animal protein too much, you can quite replace it with vegetable proteins. But for a woman, animal proteins and some nutrients found only in meat are needed almost constantly to maintain the normal functioning of their reproductive system and to reduce the risk of giving birth to sick children.

Myth 11: Women invented a monogamous marriage.
No, monogamous marriage is a patriarchal norm protecting the right of most men to reproduce. In such a structure of society, women can’t pack in packs at the scrubs of the most successful, strong and influential males, but are forced to choose even very questionable characters from the point of view of evolution.

Myth 12: Polygamy is a pleasure for men
Polygamy primarily takes into account the interests of women: almost any of them can fall under the wing of a strong man who guarantees her and her children protection and food. Weak males with polygamy are excluded from the evolutionary race. And while all sorts of sultans frolic in harems, a huge number of men do not get any women at all.

Myth 13: Women are more afraid of snakes and spiders.
Three times more men than women suffer from arachnophobia, an irresistible fear of spiders. As for snakes, this is generally a traditional female animal, like a cat.

By Cindy
December 10, 2019

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