How to make a girl cook

Often, even the most female woman refuses to wash the floors, clean your socks and even fry your eggs. If it is difficult to do something with the floors and socks, then you can awaken the desire to cook in your girlfriend.
As always, you cannot do without my advice.

  • Remember the feminine attitude towards pets or houseplants: they prick, dry, roll wool, they need to be walked, they constantly have to be cleaned … But we love them! Because we have the opportunity to invest our time, strengths, emotions in them. And we take this opportunity. It also works with everything else. Becoming a beloved cat of your own girl is not the best prospect, but you can afford to take care of yourself and create the conditions for this. It is important that the girl feels comfortable in the kitchen. It is so comfortable that she perceives your kitchen as her own territory. Let her get her order here and make repairs.
  • Believe that your girlfriend is an angel. Well, at least deep down. And angels tend to come to the rescue. I mean, you don’t need to demonstrate your culinary skills, even if you have them. It is enough to cook burnt fried eggs from corn flakes for breakfast several times, when very soon the girl will call if not to cook, then at least help. And this is half the battle.
  • Unlike you, individualists and careerists, women are collective creatures. I hint that at first it would be nice to keep the girl in the kitchen company. That is, to turn cooking into a joint adventure – like going to the cinema or watching football for a glass of beer. Although not. Better like going to the movies. All decisions and main processes entrust to the lady. In a word, peel the potatoes.
  • There is a standard psychological technique:

a. Tell her about your favorite dish.
b. Ask the girl to tell about her.
c. Say “wow!” And get the girl to cook her favorite food. It is hoped that it will not be pizza with home delivery.

  • But to compare the girl with the heroines of the movie and even more so real women (whether it’s a mother, a friend’s girlfriend or, worse, your ex) is not worth it, although many psychologists advise doing so. Most girls will offend such a rude approach and are unlikely to make them wear an apron.

By Cindy
December 9, 2019

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