Post-love rehabilitation: how to forget a girl who does not reciprocate(2)

Find a good psychotherapist

The main thing is that this is an experienced specialist. Psychologists have their own funny know-how in determining the type of person’s personality and in the indirect effect on the susceptible zones of his psyche. Of course, miracles do not happen, and they are unlikely to be able to make you fall in love, but they are almost certain to skillfully push them towards an indifferent attitude to their ex-girlfriend. (It is advisable that the therapist have slender legs and attachment to tight sweaters. In this case, the course of treatment will be much more effective.)

Take a sniff

Does she have a favorite perfume? Perfectly! Buy a bottle of the same and a jar of canned sprats in oil. Open the can, put it on the battery. After two weeks, pour the substance obtained in the bank with perfume and put it on your bedside table. Live like this for three nights. Be patient. And now at the next meeting with the girl, smack her friend in the cheek in a friendly way. The main thing here is to try to make this happen near the sanitary and hygienic amenities that you can fall into if the method is too effective.

Make a sacrifice

The extreme method. Apply when it really burns and twists. Be courageous, call the girl and offer to drive your car, ride until you supposedly restored the lost rights. If you’re lucky – she will cock her. Having received the transport back, grit your teeth and restrain the cries of anger and despair. Take a quiet trip to a car service, find out what can be restored here … in the end, the main goal has been achieved, your suffering is now turned in a different direction. (And do not be sad that you are redneck and greed. Transport for a man, like a child for a woman, is sacred.)

Buy a dog

A dog is needed for another. The fact is that the hormone serotonin lives in your body, which, according to doctors, makes you a calm, peaceful and contented life. If, of course, you have enough of it. But with a deficit of serotonin – especially with a sudden deficiency – we begin to experience sadness, nervousness, sadness and anxiety. Familiar symptoms, right? After the breakdown of a long relationship, a lack of serotonin is common, and often it leads to prolonged depression. After all, this hormone is called the hormone of tenderness, because it begins to be actively produced at the moments when you hug, caress and stroke something very pleasant to you. Usually in men, this “something” is a deeply pretty woman. And when the woman leaves, spoiled by powerful regular deliveries of the useful hormone, the body begins to mope. Although serotonin actually doesn’t really care what you squeeze there at the moment of emotional recovery – a girl in underwear, a teddy bear or your own wallet. But you do not care. And the dog is a healthy compromise.

Eat more sweet

Fast carbohydrates, especially sugar, also increase the production of serotonin. Chocolate is especially effective in this regard – half a hundred grams of bar per day will make up for hormonal imbalance. By the way, women as creatures closer to nature themselves, without the help of scientists, have perfectly discovered the calming properties of serotonin. When they feel upset, they lie down in front of the TV with a box of chocolates, sob, eat chocolate and watch Sex and the City. An hour or two – and soft pillows, naked Hollywood beauties and sticky chocolates do their job: young ladies stuffed with serotonin to the eyeballs and do not remember what caused such universal grief in them.


It acts only if you have dealt with a very humanistic girl. Come to her and tell all the shameful truth about how you climb onto the walls, go crazy and have already sent your resume to all the neighboring monasteries. No, no, you didn’t crawl at all to ask for the restoration of relations, you yourself understand that this is impossible. But could she – only for the sake of saving your life – come to you several times a week, unpainted, in curlers and make you wild scandals? And you would record them on a recorder and in the evenings again listen to them – for prevention.

Change environment

Do not go to “your” restaurants, clubs, cinemas and other places of military glory. By the way, the surface of the globe leaves 510 million square meters. km, so with due diligence, you will surely find a couple of kilometers that you did not have time to populate with the ghosts of your romantic relationship.

By Cindy
December 8, 2019

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