Post-love rehabilitation: how to forget a girl who does not reciprocate(1)

Women sometimes leave you. Even beloved women, which is really not good. No matter how soulless monsters and steel biorobots, from a female point of view, you may be, such antics are sometimes quite frustrating. Up to the point that you begin to do all sorts of, sometimes life-threatening, stupid things: throw yourself off the bridge, sign up for the Foreign Legion or grow a mustache.

It is said that emotions – regardless of their properties – somehow enrich the spiritual world. That suffering cleanses the soul and makes us kinder. All this is correct, but the problem is that in the modern cruel world you have absolutely no time to suffer. It used to be that you could leave everything, go to a suburban castle and order the majordo to say that you are not at home, so that you can get in touch with it. And now? Things are on fire, business partners are hoofed, the new Assassin’s Creed is coming out, there is no time for anything. And pre-suicidal depression is an unproductive feeling (especially if you are not a poet or a kamikaze pilot). It would be nice, of course, to have such doctors who go home, give you a dropper and urgently, with a guarantee, take you out of the universal love affliction. But while the work of such teams is not established, try to use my memo.

So, what should be done to get rid of the Real Feeling, if it is just amazingly inappropriate for you right now.


Women easily get rid of a broken heart by visiting a beauty salon, where they make a new pedicure and come out with life updated. You cannot do that. You are different. But if you shave, say, head to head, change the car and your favorite bar, then perhaps you will also be able to convince yourself that you are not the hopelessly suffering lover you are, but someone else. Much better and smarter than the former.

Engage your imagination. Imagine the object of your love in some extremely disgusting, disgusting situation. Engage your imagination with these pictures at least six times a day before and after meals. (If your imagination is poorly developed, you can mount something in Photoshop and regularly admire it.)

Fall in love

Yes, fall in love. In a new way, but in a different one. This is the most reliable.

Indulge in excesses
If the previous item is unrealizable, you can go the simple way: translate quality into quantity. There is such a thing – the rampant life of a modern metropolis. It’s time to get to know her better. To set, for example, the goal – to breed seven in a week … well, six young ladies for hot and passionate sex with morning goodbye forever. After a week, ask the body how it will react to rushing at that cruel legs and try to squeeze passionately embrace her? Record that the body will answer you. Try to penetrate this answer.


Find out when your ex is going to leave somewhere, and call to keep her cat at home. Ideally, if the cat is a respectable, classic cat, namely: shits only in slippers, sleeps only in the bread box, loves only your legs. Look at the cat, think about the mistress. Try to find ten differences between them.

Well, are you feeling better already? But this is a small part! Stay tuned, continued in next post

By Cindy
December 7, 2019

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