Double and multiply. Schizophrenic as the ideal of a man in terms of women (Part 2)

You have to be hardworking
A man lying on the couch causes an attack of uncontrolled aggression in women. It immediately begins to seem to them that you are fruitlessly wasting the best years of your life, that you lack pressure, excitement and desire for creation.

But! You must be free
The list of women’s requirements for you is not so great, but it requires a huge amount of time. Joint visits to the theater, long detailed discussions on the theme “Is it true that you love me more than anyone else”, romantic trips, walks under the moon, foreplay for three hours daily. Not to mention foot massage. 24 hours is obviously not enough for this schedule, and if we do not move to Jupiter, then a large number of women who are satisfied with their lives on the streets can not be expected.

You have to be generous
The artist sold his shelter and bought a large-leaved Araucaria in the amount of 1 million bushes … which woman’s heart will not beat harder at the thought of beautiful recklessness in her honor? This enthusiasm is quite explainable from an evolutionary point of view. The primitive female inside your girlfriend at this moment makes notes on the cuffs: “He is prone to self-denial – therefore, he will always share a piece of prey with me and our offspring.” Therefore, men’s generosity is valued by women very highly, even if the lady is far from mercantile interests.

But! You have to be economical
The fact that you are ready to part with the booty in favor of the family is good, it is always welcome. But if you make it a rule to regularly throw this prey in favor of the poor jackals – this is a dangerous signal. A guy who does not have money in his pockets as a gentleman for the evening is very good as a reliable source of cocktails, flowers, popcorn and ice cream. But as soon as the lady begins to feel suspicion that these pockets may migrate to her jurisdiction, she has an almost irresistible desire to sew them with a stern thread.

You must be famous
Oh yeah! Yes! So that everyone knows you, that everyone turns around when you go to a restaurant, that you are invited to fashion parties and printed in a socialite. Successful characters are a weak spot for most ladies. Popularity is an effective aphrodisiac: the enthusiasm of others supports her with a pleasant conviction that she was not mistaken in her choice and chose the best.

But! You have to be humble
For some reason, boasting, striving to stand out and attract attention to oneself are considered quite normal qualities for a woman. Even cute. But a man who spends more than one and a half seconds a day at the mirror is already causing a lot of complaints.

You have to be passionate
Well, where without it! Ideally, you should glow with Moorish lust at the sight of one of her naked heels, and by touching the edge of her dress, shake like jelly under an electric shock. An unassuming man, from the point of view of women, is nonsense. Like a car without an engine or strawberry jam without strawberries. And of course, ideal lovers have never heard the phrase “erectile dysfunction.”

But! You have to be faithful
At the same time, she is sure: at a meeting with other ladies, at least three of the basic feelings – vision, hearing and sense of smell – should refuse you. (And touch, in general, is also not welcome, as you already guessed.) When communicating with an indecently beautiful employee, you should show no more enthusiasm than freshly salted fish, and when you see a parade of nudists, yawn and turn away. Any of us wants her man to be excited only from her.

Well, everything is quite complicated and confusing, but you know, you just have to combine all this in a bit and you will be happy. We, after all, are not perfect … probably.

By Cindy
December 6, 2019

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