How to use the girl’s weaknesses to your advantage

If you think about it, the numerous minuses of your girlfriend can always be turned into pluses. True, their number will be exactly half.

Cellulite ghost
Women with a good figure are divided into two categories. The former do not care about the figure at all and still look like perfection. The latter, on the contrary, take care of their figure all their lives and sometimes approach perfection. Look for the second, especially since there are more of them. While the former burn their lives, the latter are engaged in endless fat burning. Start with a story about the benefits of aerobic exercise and how many calories are burned while running and walking (12 kcal / min.). However, during the proximity, exactly the same amount is burned, but the process itself is much more pleasant. Dazzle your lady with this news, and you will become her favorite fat burner.

Mood jumps
As in regular races, you can sometimes win here. Any coin has two sides. In other words, if your girlfriend is able to burst into tears just because you again loosely screwed the lid of the tube of toothpaste, it is just as easy to provoke violent delight in her. Just pretend one day that you are reading her love affair with interest. And she will not just strangle you in her arms: she will decide forever that you are of the same blood.

Maternal instinct
Not. We do not consider the option when she madly wants a child, and you use it from morning to evening, after having made a vasectomy. It’s about her over-concern that you eat dinner, put on a scarf and miss this jeep, even if it goes on red. Do not swear: the image of a defenseless baby can greatly facilitate your life. Say, for example: “You know, I’m so afraid of washing dishes since childhood!” – and she will never let you be alone with a crowded sink.

Jealousy in the first place suggests that she is afraid of losing you. Of course, you can use this for your dirty purposes. Just do not remember the achievements in your bed of former girls. Just hint that your colleagues decided to have an orgy in the sauna and you are thinking whether to go or not. You won’t have time to think. Your beloved will portray to you all the girls put together, with all the details, and then she will proudly recline on your ashes.

By Cindy
December 4, 2019

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