Friends for a long time: how to get out of the friendzone

The girl for whom you have far-reaching plans talks about problems in your personal life and assures that only you understand her? Watch out! This may mean that you ceased to exist for her as a sexual object, and she enrolled you in the category of friends. To break out of this ghetto, we do so.

Out of range
Many guys believe that, surrounding the girl around the clock care, they will pave the shortest way to bed. But this only happens in romantic comedies. Rushing at the first call through the city to help her make the radio a little louder is the last thing to do. If your help goes to her effortlessly, she will quickly get used to it. Answer “no” requests more often, otherwise it will all end with the fact that you will agree to look after her cat on the weekend, which she will spend with a biker tattooed from head to toe.

In a fit of jealousy
Feel free to discuss with her the charms of other girls. (“Have you seen the feet of our new secretary? No? Wait, now I’ll sing you about them!”). If you will express your admiration about her friends or acquaintances, a girl may want to enter into a competition with them out of a purely sports interest. No matter how beaten this technique, jealousy is still the highest trump card in your deck. If a girl has even the slightest sexual interest in you, this simple trick will play a decisive role.

Burn her bridges
Overcome your shyness and not blush with a suffocating wave, slightly touching paper folders. Let her know that the question of who you are to her as an ordinary buddy or lover has long been resolved. Kiss the girl at each meeting, grab her by the waist, etc. Your attitude towards her should be clear without words. The main reason why a girl writes a man as a friend is because he behaves like a friend.

Preventive strike
Ahead of her with the remark “Let’s just be friends.” These words will be useful to you yourself when you feel that your relationship, which had developed so well at first, has stalled. This sacramental phrase, said at the right time in the right place (for example, at the end of a well-spent evening together), will help push your acquaintance to the next logical step. The girl, of course, understands what exactly you need from her. Therefore, if you suddenly reject her, she will make every effort so that you change your mind.

By Cindy
December 3, 2019

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