Two for one: how to date 2 girls at the same time

… if you don’t have time to date the three.

Since you are still not created for a serious relationship, try to increase the number of frivolous ones. There are so many lonely girls around … Make at least two happy! At least for a while.

On your marks
Both novels need to start at the same time. If you already have a girlfriend and the second has appeared, the first will feel it. But if they appeared with a difference of a day, not one difference will notice. Search better in bars or clubs. There they will definitely not be told: “First get married!”

Keep your distance
It should be pleasant in communication, but still a surprise. You should be missed all the time, so you will not call girls more often 2-3 times a week. No greetings on Facebook Messenger and funny email videos. And you will meet once a week. With such a schedule, you will definitely have enough time for both. And at the same time everyone will be waiting for you as a big holiday.

Keep calm
Our life is so adjusted that when walking somewhere with one girl, you will certainly meet the second. It is strange if it is still shocking someone. Take the situation calmly. Introduce the girls to each other and continue the movement with the one with which you started it. You will explain to everyone later that the other is your employee. Yes, if suddenly for some reason they are called differently, come up with some kind of general affectionate, so as not to get confused.

Prepare an escape
To avoid unnecessary scandals and injuries, it is better to break up with girls peacefully in 3-5 weeks. They already have a lot of trouble, and it’s not necessary to get into a slender column of scum who abandoned her beloved at the 8th month of passion and adoration. It’s more humane to make everyone disappointed in you: to recite Drake’s poems under her windows or to upgrade your computer right with a girl without a drop of shyness. According to this scheme, you can get rid of both or only one, by raising the second to the rank of YOUR girl. By the way, now you have every reason to finally find out her name.

By Cindy
December 2, 2019

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