31 reasons why women love men (according to their own testimony)

Women finally managed to remember and formulate 31 reasons why they fall in love. I’m sure that at least one of these reasons has something to do with you.

Women have thirty and one reason to admire the male gender.

  1. No matter what feminists say, most often you are smart. Let’s just say that the average statistical man is smarter than the same woman. Therefore, it is usually more interesting to talk with you.
  2. Sometimes you completely do not understand the hints and at this moment any woman feels like a concentrate of mind and sensitivity. It’s nice. Especially considering paragraph 1.
  3. You can provide accurate information in response to my request – without unnecessary emotional blah blah blah. On almost any topic. From friends to wait for this is useless.
  4. When you sleep, you become such defenseless cubs that you really want to cuddle you. And we squeeze, and you laugh funny and grumble something inaudible.
  5. When you wake up, you rarely look as terrible as women in the morning. Even if on the eve you made important scientific experiments on saturation of organic tissues with tequila. The morning man is not too different from the evening man.
  6. You sometimes read such a crap that you again feel like a hybrid of Kasparov and Perelman at least.
  7. You do everything seriously. Like true children. And it infects.
  8. You are a storehouse of diverse information. It develops.
  9. You sometimes go to all kinds of fishing footballs, which adds to our health, and we, sometimes forced to drag ourselves for company on the field or on the shore, feed mosquitoes.
  10. You, not all, of course, but know how to cook. When this happens, it is divine. You create food with inspiration, beauty and tranquility, and not vain and fixated on recipes like most of us do.
  11. You treat us condescendingly and very often refuse to give us change. Although this sometimes makes you angry, in fact your willingness to give in to us is admirable. I wouldn’t be able to. I would kill myself on the fifth day of coexistence.
  12. You are strong. You can push the cabinet yourself, with your hands and with a smile, not your back and with a screech of exertion and existential horror. It delights and inspires confidence.
  13. Again, drive a nail there, bring bags … Electrician-plumbing, wheels, injectors …
  14. You do not freeze, do not whimper, do not procrastinate for three hours the topic of nail polish, do not delve (more often) into our pockets and purses.
  15. You know how to live simply and globally. Somehow big right. We have a lot to learn.
  16. By virtue of paragraphs 12, 13, 14 and 15, you sometimes make us feel helpless, weak, and unadaptable for life. And this brings back the forgotten feelings of childhood.
  17. You are rude and tactless, say all sorts of offensive things, but we know for sure that this is not out of evil, but out of thought. From the lack of intuition and fine mental organization. Not stinkers, but just thick-skinned hippos. Forgiving a man is much easier for us than a woman.
  18. You cause us a trembling awe when you put on business suits and ties, becoming so smart, competent, beautiful that it cannot be noted.
  19. You often smell delicious. The world of men. Cologne, tobacco and just the smell of a man …
  20. You do not panic and inspire confidence that everything will be as it should.
  21. You have beautiful bodies and you want to admire. All these Michelangels were not so stupid when they sculpted their Davids. The female body can be sexy, exciting, beautiful, but the male body is the ideal standard of human beauty, in which there is nothing superfluous.
  22. You know how to fool around so childishly that many of us did not succeed even at the age of five, when we were pretty prim little ladies and more than anything in the world were afraid to look stupid.
  23. You are dancing pretty funny and doing a bunch of things funny. It amuses and multiplies optimism and good mood.
  24. By the way, in a good mood you are much more likely than us.
  25. You may be terrible egoists, but in reality you are much less selfish than women. For example, you are usually ready to save us at the risk of your own life. Moreover, you think this is natural.
  26. Sometimes you carry us in your arms, and this is worth highlighting as a separate item.
  27. How could we feel that we were beautiful if not for your views and compliments?
  28. Sometimes you spend money on us. And it is believed that you can and should even spend more on us than we do on you. This is dishonest, but it turns on.
  29. You are wonderful drivers. It’s nice to ride with you. Even with complete loonies.
  30. Most often, you are calm and even indulge our whims.
  31. Among you there is one completely unique, special, for the sake of which … we are ready for anything!
By Cindy
November 29, 2019

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