How to save a friend from his girlfriend

If she is one of the most nightmare creatures in the world, you simply must intervene.

How to make a friend leave the girl

An unwritten but unquestioned code of relations between men reads: “Do not try to explain to your friend that he lives with a monster, a monster and a moral freak. Such things are the prerogative of female friendship, they destroy male friendship. ” So do not even try to persuade a friend to stop hanging out with this bad girl. Act more maliciously.

 STEP 1. Seduce

Find weaknesses in what they call their relationship. Feel the insoluble contradictions. She does not like football, fishing with an overnight stay and visiting saunas? Bring tickets, book a bath and give fishing rods. The less often your friend will be able to take advantage of these Danai gifts, the more often he will ask the right question: “Why do I allow myself to be depressed like that?” But what if she loves football, is crazy about saunas and has great spinning gear? Listen, maybe she’s not at all as hopeless as you think?

 STEP 2. Push him

Introduce the object to a beautiful, smart and sexy girl, in which all life automatically falls in love. And the stand itself aside – male friendship requires sacrifice.

 STEP 3. Use allies

You, as an intelligent and civilized person, of course, do not consider yourself entitled to interfere in the personal life of your friend, because this is not accepted in a civilized society. Fortunately, your mutual acquaintances are not aware of what is accepted in this society. And from your submission, they can sow seeds of doubt in the soul of the object with unobtrusive questions like: “Have you strangled this bitch yet?” It’s easy to organize the feed – just being in the company, sometimes notice aloud: “Still, Stacy has a positive effect on John . Look, he stopped telling obscene jokes, carefully shaving and spending his pocket money economically. ” The spirit of controversy will force friends to stand against Stacy in a united front. You maintain strict neutrality.

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By Cindy
November 25, 2019

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