10 small male weaknesses that touch women

Why do you think women love men? Do you have a version on this? If there are, they are almost certainly wrong.

We love you not at all because we need to multiply, and besides you on this planet there is no one else to do with it. And not even because you have impeccable muscular bodies, piercing blue eyes, wide shoulders, long legs and a powerful chest that you want to snuggle up to …

So, in fact, our love for you sometimes consists of very strange little things. Of the irrelevant details of your appearance and behavior – which you are unlikely to have ever held among your merits.

  • We love when you eat with appetite

How you fit a big dinner with a double royal cheeseburger and nine McNuggets is a mystery in itself. How can you then finish eating my portion of potatoes – is incomprehensible at all. We answer to ourselves – this is because you are so big and strong, great and terrible, and you need a huge supply of fuel. It excites the imagination.

  • We love when you sweat

A man soaked from physical effort is a sight from which a woman can also get soaked.

It is only necessary to take into account that it matters to us why you spill sweat. If you blush and urinate while you are catching a bus in the heat with a string bag in your hands, then we would rather sit away from you, a fragrant creature.

  • We love when you cut down after sex

Here it is, the moment of truth – when you let out this deep sigh, lean back in utter exhaustion and cover your eyes with the words: “Ugh, wait now, just let me take a breath” …

  • We love when you pretend to be a cool auto mechanic

We already know from you that there are three types of car breakdowns: a radiator, a carburetor, and a battery. You do it very well – to stare at the motor, frown (I love these wrinkles on your forehead!), Think for about ten minutes and, finally, say: carburetor. Or a radiator – it doesn’t matter to me, this is inaccessible to my mind. I just admire. And then we will drive the car away to the service anyway – solely to confirm the diagnosis.

  • We love to see testosterone raging in you.

No matter how ironic we are, we like it when you drag us to typically men’s gatherings. So you’re not afraid to show us to your friends. And besides, to see you in the role of a warlike Hun is interesting and exciting.

But if you start sharing adrenaline with your neighbors in the stands, admiration will give way to fear – not at all exciting. And in general, your nose looks much better in a broken state and without cotton swabs sticking out of the nostrils.

  • We love it when you can’t tie a tie yourself

We willingly believe the stories about how your boss is not able to conclude a single millionth contract even without your help, but we know that give you freedom – and you would go to negotiations with partners in those jeans that you bought back in the eighth classroom. Everything related to the selection of a tie for the hem on the handkerchief makes you bewildered, and we have a rush of caring tenderness. Your economic helplessness acts directly on our maternal instinct.

  • We love when you love all kinds of technical gadgets

A box with carpentry tools makes us awe. Even if the pinnacle of your engineering is cut in half a can of cola as an ashtray. We honor your need to dismember the computer and the coffee maker to see what’s inside. And when you all night in full rapture playing with a toy robot with my nephew, I was not even offended that you ignored me.

  • We love listening to you snoring.

Yes, we sometimes like to watch you lying on your stomach, bending your arm under the pillow, in boxer shorts that have gone to one side, announcing the surroundings with the soundtrack to the film “Inhabitants of the Savannah” (only if these sounds come from the nasopharynx!). The idea that we found you in such an unconscious, natural, helpless state is somehow nice to us. Just do not think that this is a permanent emotion. At three in the afternoon on Sunday, after the eighth wake up, this same pose of yours will turn me into the evil inhabitant of the savannah.

  • We love when you hug with friends

Hug, of course, loudly said. We are talking, as a rule, about energetic half-second contact with the chest and shoving his fist in the shoulder. At the same time, the desire to rake a friend into an armful, like any sincere emotional manifestation, rarely leaves women indifferent. From our point of view, what seems to you to be affective behavior is a touching sign of male friendship. And your girlfriend doesn’t explain it wrong – you provided her with more than enough evidence of your standard sexual orientation.

  • We love this little tweak

In principle, we do not really like it when we are publicly crushed and squeezed. But when you can’t cope with the temptation to hold on to me in passing, this is a completely different matter. That means I seem sexy to you.

The main thing is to keep it quiet. Please don’t do it unceremoniously, in front of friends, otherwise we will start to call you “sweetie” and kiss you forehead goodbye.

By Cindy
November 22, 2019

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