10 signs that a girlfriend is addicted to delving into your phone

“You have a second phone, the existence of which she does not know” and another 9 signs.

  1. She is offended when you receive a message.
  2. When making a call, she rushes to the phone first to give it to you by looking at the screen.
  3. Your school friends receive messages from you: “I hate you, frigid fool!”
  4. After each call in her presence, you must report who called and on what issue. The answers “Not important” and “You do not know him” are not accepted.
  5. Numbers disappear from your contact list. For some reason, only women. Especially those that she does not know.
  6. It is very important for her how she is indicated on this list. She, in fact, only wanted to see it.
  7. She suspiciously often runs out of money on the phone, and you need to call urgently. From yours. From the kitchen – better heard there.
  8. For a month, to the phrase “I love you” she has been responding : “You say that to everyone.”
  9. You have a second phone, the existence of which she does not know.
  10. Your items are collected on the staircase in garbage bags.

What other signs did you see? Write in the comments

By Cindy
November 21, 2019

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