10 signs that your girlfriend is perfect

“She’s allergic to flowers and gold,” and another 9 signs.

  1. In fact, she is also a fisherman, but, if necessary, she can stay at home.
  2. She buys all the things for her wardrobe in online stores.
  3. She is a former masseuse, cook and stewardess, and now a maid.
  4. She is allergic to flowers and gold.
  5. Once she had a terrible dream, as if she climbed into your phone.
  6. To increase the speed of cooking due to aerodynamics, she cooks in the kitchen naked.
  7. To your question, “What did you have at work today?” She replies: “Nothing interesting.” And that’s all!
  8. She suffers from amnesia on the memorable dates of your relationship.
  9. When you wanted to show her picture to your friends, you hardly found the one on which she was dressed.
  10. She gave you a voucher for two months in Bali, while she will give birth and equip a nursery.
By Cindy
November 20, 2019

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