Let’s be afraid together: 6 main female fears

Unlike men, women have every right to be cowardly. And this is how they dispose of this right.
Once in sarcastic conversations about female logic, you completely forgot about such an important layer of female consciousness as fears. But in vain, because women’s fears – this is what makes our behavior illogical, absurd and sometimes simply dangerous. And since you need to know the enemy in person, then I bring to your attention a detailed rubricator / classifier of female fears. Let’s start with the banal.

Fear of old age
Perhaps the phobia of aging is one of the most common among the weaker sex. Moreover, an exacerbation of this phobia can happen at any time of the day, year, and at any age in each individual woman.

Fear of an unplanned pregnancy
It is mainly distributed among very young and, conversely, very married ladies. Quivering young women, out of inexperience, are afraid to conceive even from tampons, and married ladies are afraid to conceive even from their husband, because the question immediately arises: “Where to get a lover? Give in good hands? Never!”

Fear of poverty
I think you will not argue that women are attached to material wealth, comfort and coziness much more than men. Naturally, the concept of poverty is different for different males.

Fear of loneliness
It even has a medical name: “anuptafobia” – the fear of not getting married. However, it is found equally in single girls and married young ladies. In the first case, the slogan of the campaign is sobbing: “What if nobody loves me?” In the second – “What if he falls out of love with me?” Of course, this kind of female fright from lack of attention arises. Again, paranoia can manifest itself on any scale. It is equally frightening that you have not been noticed at school by boys for ten years, and that your beloved bought chocolate with raisins, and you hate raisins, and if he doesn’t remember that, he cannot be a good husband. And the conclusion: “I am the most lonely and unhappy girl!”

By the way, the obsessive fear of betraying a partner is a subtype of fear of loneliness. In principle, any man can greatly alleviate the suffering of any “the most lonely woman in the world” not only with intimate conversations, but also simply with his care and attention. Bring her a sweet pretzel from the kitchen, pinch painfully for the priest, promise to screw a light bulb in the bathroom – do anything, the main thing is to focus on her. As soon as she feels the waves of your attention, the fear that has encumbered her will recede. For a while.

Fear of getting fat
Female fear with a Greek name. Fear of recovering accompanies many women throughout their lives, regardless of whether it weighs 45 or 145 kilograms. Most often, this fear manifests itself orally: a woman is actively aloud afraid of getting better, while quietly eating donuts. And here is my advice to you, my friend: if you really think that the figure of your chosen one needs and can (!) Be corrected by diet, then be strict and uncompromising. Do not take her dessert in restaurants, eat at home all the most harmful, declare war on fat friends. And if her lamentations cost nothing, then be strict and uncompromising: ignore it. Skip past the rules of her new diet, taking readings from the scales every morning, discussing the second chin that appeared, but is still invisible to others.

Fear of first sex
… with a new partner, even if this partner is listed in her booklet under a winning number 777. Inexperienced girls are afraid that they will be caught in the absence of skills and skill, and experienced girls are afraid that their experience will be too obvious. Or here’s another good question: sex on a first date. You really want to! But what if he thinks that you are exactly the one you decided not to be from last Sunday? What to do is incomprehensible. It remains only to be afraid. If you observe such a rashness with your new girlfriend, remember: any woman can be taken either by starvation or by force. After three films watched together on an uncomfortable sofa and thirty-three options for weaving arms and legs, she will give up. Take off the fright from her gradually: first tights, in half an hour – a T-shirt. But don’t touch the bra at all, let it be, otherwise you’ll scare it away. In short, the main tool against the fear of sex is a competent strategy. The attention of the female must be euthanized, and then act!

That’s all from basic fears. It remains so, a small reticule with small phobias such as fear of insects, height, confined space and intimate hair removal. But these are such spicy little things that we can handle without you. But from your help in the fight against fears that prevent us from enjoying life, we will not refuse.

By Cindy
November 19, 2019

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