12 things that touch women and make them fall in love

Of course, we are somewhat bifurcated. On the one hand, we sigh delightedly when we see something powerful, huge, shaved, brutal, heavily armed, and so that the voice is like the roar of a sledgehammer in iron, and so that the muscles in our hands the size of a watermelon.

We like all this very much, we at the sight of it are pleasantly dying and we are trying inadvertently to snuggle our hips. But what about: Defender! Hero! An ideal donor of genetic material!

On the other hand, the woman, as the creature responsible for diapers, breastfeeding, and other methods of replenishing the population, is oriented toward tenderness for all the weak, furry, defenseless, and unscrupulously exploiting her maternal instincts.

Here is a list of traits that, not in the least degree diminishing your masculinity, make us be touched and fall in love.

  • Soft sweaters

Angora, cashmere, some fine wool. An ideal camouflage suit for a terminator who wants to disguise himself as a teddy bear. We immediately want to stroke this warm and fluffy creature.

  • Strands of hair falling on the forehead

They are so touching and boyish. The hand itself rises gently to remove them from your forehead.

  • Bare buttocks

Yeah. These two living incarnations of complete defenselessness are especially effective when their owner sleeps, sprawled on the bed and buried his nose in the pillow.

  • And by the way, sticking your nose into the pillow too

In general, a sleeping man is usually 150 percent more touching than a man who is awake. Especially if he does not snore. A light moaning in a dream is generally ecstasy!

  • When you have an erection and you are embarrassed

Even if you’re not really shy, it’s all the same. Your attempt to bashfully cover your loins in the bathroom with a towel or turn your other side in the dance – it’s so exciting! Oh, you fool, I found something to be ashamed of!

  • Passion for some stupidity

Unless this nonsense is called Kira and she does not work in the massage parlor. But the enthusiasm for car models or the selfless collection of stamps makes us condescendingly smile and soften our hearts.

  • Status of drinking

Yes, sometimes we like it. When you, usually so reasonable, suddenly begin to drop forehead in our neck and mutter all sorts of nonsense. It’s hot that you ask you not to leave you alone and carry frank, but very gentle nonsense, confusing, however, sometimes syllables in words. But with this it is very important not to overdo it. If this happens more than once every few months, it categorically ceases to touch us.

  • Tears

For some reason, it is believed that men are powerless against female tears. I assure you, no man is able to get so excited as a woman who first saw a stingy male tear that dampened her severe boyfriend’s eyelashes. True, the occasion is very important. You need to treat a tooth, and you are afraid of an evil dentist – bad. You crashed your car – even worse. You were touched by a movie about a little poor kitten – much better. You cry because you are powerless to describe the whole depth of your feelings for me – a prize in the studio !!!

  • Severe illness and general suffering

There is a whole army of women belonging to the category “She loved him for his torment.” Such sufferer hunters spend their days looking for potential victims in intensive care units, shelters, and pre-trial detention facilities. But even the most ordinary, callous citizen like me, at the sight of a loved one, rushing around in a hospital bed in the heat, experiences a wave of pity. Especially if you bravely endure suffering … So you hit yourself on the finger with a hammer and courageously suffer, and I am already in ecstasy rushing about the apartment, looking for a band-aid …

  • When you do not know how

It must be some little piquant detail. Something simple, ordinary that I can do with a bang. For example, you do not clearly pronounce the letter “p”. Or do not know how to cut your nails on your right hand. (But it is important that there are few such touching touches – very rare women have dreamed all their lives of working as carers with the mentally retarded.)

  • The child in the arms

If I were an artist who wanted to get rich, I would start to draw portraits of men who tenderly bowed over small children. And women would buy these art canvases from me with cars to hang in their bedrooms.

  • Puppy or kitten

If it’s rather difficult to get a child for one night, then small animals work just as well. I could never understand the guys who complain about the lack of attention. Yes, if I were a man, I wouldn’t have any problems with that! You take one chihuahua, a dwarf dachshund or some other creature the size of a teapot. You name him Mickey. You put on a blanket with ruffles, make a bow, put it in your pocket and go to the nearest bar. And all the girls there are yours with Mickey.

By Cindy
November 18, 2019

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