Tips from the contrary. 10 completely dishonorable ways to seduce(Part 2)

  • Image of feelings

Sounding passionately in love is much easier than being truly in love. At least, at this moment, your knees do not bend and your voice does not break. (Actors of the Japanese Kabuki theater knew this principle well and even thought up a proverb: “Only a well-fed one can play the hungry.”) Demonstrating love is very easy – just stare at a girl like a dog in a bowl with food. You can even not say anything, she herself will guess the strength of your feelings.

  • Drunken truth

Do you know what alcohol does to the human brain? It lowers the criticality of our perceptions. Dumb jokes start to seem ridiculous to us, we easily rush to box with small and miserable electric trains, we glorify the incredible power of the mind of Neyton, who came up with the coolest way to lick beer from the table … And yes, just a couple of cocktails – and the girl already sees that you have grown by twenty centimeters, got rich by a couple of billion and prettier by a couple of hundred Alain Delon. Order her a cocktail and you will be rewarded, good man.

  • Accomplice

It is very convenient to have a good friend in a bar or club, for example, a waitress, who can play along with you for a kind word and generous tip. For example, when you get to karaoke to shake the room with the marvelous sounds of your gentle baritone, an accomplice might seem to accidentally stand next to your victim and exhale something in the style of “God, what a man!” While maintaining the most serious expression on his face. You can’t imagine how quickly your stocks will rush up. Women have a very active evolutionary program that evaluates the success of potential sexual partners primarily by the reaction of competitors.

  • Next to the right guy

There is an opinion that most of all women happen to rock stars and famous artists. But the harsh truth of life lies in the fact that quite often artists and stars are forced, for a number of reasons, to be very careful in communicating with their fans, observe the iron regime of the day and filming, or spend a lot of energy and health on various substances that stimulate creativity, which are not very intimate . And much more pleasant casual connections are made by technicians, illuminators and producers of these very stars. Because for many fans, having sex with masseur of Jared Leto is almost the same as having sex with old Jared himself. Biologically, this cognitive error is completely justified: the female, aiming at the very-most leader in the group, simultaneously classifies the high-ranking males and the retinue of the leader. And if you, stepping on the throat of your own song, take for yourself the partner of the most attractive, most successful female friend, then, of course, the best girls will go to him. But their girlfriends are for you!

  • Friendship

Professional pick-ups despise men who easily allow themselves to be transferred to the friend zone. Meanwhile, the friend zone is a convenient observation point where a patient hunter can sit long enough to dive into a victim who has lost vigilance at the right moment. For example, after breaking up a girl with another bastard, some amazing things can happen in some friend zones.

By Cindy
November 17, 2019

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