Tips from the contrary. 10 completely dishonorable ways to seduce(Part 1)

Not everyone can be gentlemen! Moreover, often this leads to breathtaking results.

Salvation from robbers, ridiculing with bouquets, noble suffering and other traditional assortment of a gentleman, of course, are not bad. But sometimes it is insulting. You’re standing there, scared of robber swords and checks from flower shops, and she says: “Thank you very much!” – and goes nowhere forever. Because your nose is crooked and your eyes are not very blue. But you have the image of a gallant knight who does not even allow her to shout after her: “She’s a fool!”

Although, by the way, there are many other interesting roles in world culture. A vile deceiver, for example, or a dishonorable seducer. And somehow, these dubious types always manage to get their way out of gullible victims. Let’s see how they do it – all of a sudden, at one point, you will feel that the knight’s helmet has already rubbed the bridge of your nose, and want to test yourself as a negative character?

  • The power of fear
    Instinct calls us when we are afraid of something, throw ourselves into the arms of a strong defender. After bouts of panic, a strong fright, the need for comforting touches, in physical contact with their own kind is observed even among some reptiles, let alone homo sapiens with their love for serotonin baths after an adrenaline shower. Therefore, all these ski and parachute instructors look so satisfied, since they have no lack of female attention. So all kinds of extreme activities are a very good option for a date, whether riding a motorcycle, feeding crocodiles or going with her to one of those parks in which people pay money to be twisted on sticks and hung upside down. Most importantly, try not to screech yourself on a roller coaster and keep calm all the way, reliably clutching her body frozen from horror to her mighty chest.
  • Shameless lies
    Yes, banality, of course. For several thousand years, triviality, but it still works. Ra himself told you to take her to the arbor among the lotuses, because a great hero will be born from your union. It is not a matter of history at all, it is a solid biology. The female’s task is to choose the strongest and brightest male, the male’s task is to spread the tail wider and pray to Darwin to work. The main thing is to remember the four principles of seductive lies.

а. Do not lie for art’s sake

Even if all the demons of eloquence pull you under the table by the laces, demanding that you immediately tell me how you flew to the UN to a UFO, give them a kick and overcome. Lies in this situation should clearly fall into the goal: to make you richer, more influential and stronger in the eyes of the girl.

b. Do not lie in the forehead

If you report that you have a large country house with a helicopter, a yacht and half of the kingdom, there is a great risk that they will not believe you (even if you really have all this). But if you, rubbing your knee, complain that the idiots workers dumped marble for the pool right on the treadmill in your park, the information will be noted.

с. Pretending a boastful lie for a funny story

Especially – self-critical. At a tea party with the English queen, you went over with rum in tea, and you felt sick in the dressing room – right in the pocket of the royal ermine mantle. You bought a Bentley, and an angry janitor beat you with a shovel. At the Nobel Prize ceremony, you fell from the rostrum and drew your nose. In general, the story of your humiliation, unfolded against the backdrop of spectacular scenery, will almost certainly work perfectly.

d. Lie rarely

Knead one or two gems of sparkling lies in a fresh bunch of real facts. In the morning you went to the pharmacy for medicine for sinusitis, handed over the repair shoes, fed the elephant and washed the dishes.

  • Art preparation

People love conspiracy theories, but in practice most do not believe in them. In real life, we are inclined at first to give any events the simplest explanation, because in the first seconds and minutes we have no time to think about complex constructions (this is only later, at your leisure, you can do reflections and constructions). If there is a bunch of yellow leaves under a tree, it means that they fell from this tree itself (the idea that paper and painted leaves, brought here specially to the wheelbarrow in spite of you, can only occur to the most experienced paranoid). If a guy asks a girl what her favorite flower is, she goes out at night and returns in thirty seconds with a white lily – then this is fate. A normal girl will not believe that there are villains who, before going to the club, specially put five or six flowers of different breeds in the trunk to crank this shameless trick with romantic-blooded people.

Yes, well-prepared and repeatedly run-in catch schemes work much better than inspirational impromptu in place.

  • Neglect

This is a classic pickup truck that parasitizes on a woman’s needs to prove to herself the importance of the number of men she conquered and at the same time worry that those around her see it exclusively as an “object, 1 thing suitable for reproduction”. Most romance novels for ladies also exploit this hackneyed horse: at first, in the heroine, the hero does not like everything from a hat to buckles on his boots, and at the end of the novel he is ready to build an ikebana in his honor from his own guts. Expressing neglect to a lady from the very beginning of your acquaintance, you:
a) hint at your high status as a male spoiled by the attention of high-ranking females;
b) let her loosen her usual armor “stop staring at my chest, you moron, you all have one thing in mind”;
c) you are challenging (for a true athlete, it is now a matter of honor to make you crawl at her feet).

Neglect, however, you need to be able to. If you solemnly ignore a girl from a far corner, this is unlikely to produce a stunning effect on her. The easiest way to express neglect is that what pickupers call the term “neg-hit” – compliment-humiliation. It consists in the fact that formally you show interest in a girl, but at the same time lazy indifference and even disapproval. Here are examples of such neg hits.

“Not cold? The dress is already very open for such weather. ”
“In fact, this thing is eaten not with hands, but with a fork, but if you are out of principle …”
“My school teacher had exactly the same haircut.”
“I thought that’s what cats are called.” I didn’t know that there were people either. ”
“It seemed to me, or do you have flat feet?” You clumsy funny when you walk. “

By the way, it’s with negatives that the beautiful Penny infinitely showered her botanical neighbors in the series The Big Bang Theory. Physicists do this without any second thought, but the waitress Penny constantly feels stupid and ridiculous in their company that she, accustomed to male adoration, is perplexed.

  • Promises

You will go to Milan tomorrow; you will get married in the spring when you take over your estate; you will give her the best night of her life; introduce her to a neighbor – the hero of the Russian-French campaign of 1812 … This is not just a lie, it is an unscrupulous deception, yes. From him, 99% of men will keep the remnants of conscience that we have not yet had time to amputate. And 1% easily promise women diamond mountains and palaces, justifying themselves by saying that this is a holy lie in the name of life on Earth.

By Cindy
November 16, 2019

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