10 first times in a relationship: mistakes, tips, secrets of survival

All relationships, no matter how unique they may seem to those who cook in them, go through ten stages. I will tell you not only about what these stages are, but also how to survive them with skill worthy of admiring bewilderment.

  • First date

The first date is the same job interview, but with a touch of romance. You and the girl find out if you see yourself in the company of each other in five years or at least in a couple of months. You sit against each other in a catering place, ask questions like “What are your goals?”, “Are you a cat-lover or a dog lover?” And then parted from the remark: “Thank you, we will call you back”. The best date is a joint experience of emotions or overcoming obstacles. Instead of static gatherings in a cafe, it is better to pre-register yourself and the girl in a joint workshop on making sushi or on some kind of quest. The more emotions you experience together, the better. Even if she twists her leg while rollerblading with you, that’s good. After all, now she certainly will not forget you.

The sensitive issue of paying a bill will no longer be sensitive for you. You pay, and that’s it. I’m sorry. Paying a man a first date is not just a gesture of goodwill. This is a sign that he took place at least at the minimum level and can afford to look after the girl. Of course, when a girl insists very eagerly to pay for herself, and an evil feminist light plays in her eyes, it is better to give up. But remember: this is a bad sign. Perhaps she should not have immediately told her that rascally joke about women who don’t pay for themselves in a restaurant.

  • First sex, overnight

A reception that works both for the impression and the relaxation of the girl: in advance, even on the first or second date, take an interest in what kind of music she likes and boldly turn it on as soon as the girl crosses the threshold of the apartment. Familiar sounds help her relax. (It is hoped that the girl is not a fan of Ramstein.)

So, she is at your place, and everyone understands what will happen now. There are only three situations in which first sex takes the form of unbridled bacchanalia of passion:

the rarest coincidence of temperaments and the mutual absence of complexes;

both of you are very drunk;

you are starring in a romantic comedy.

In all other cases, the first sex resembles a rather polite shattering in the lobby of the conservatory. Only all are naked. The most important thing at this stage is respect for the wishes of the partner. It is important that the girl was comfortable both physically and mentally. According to the gender distribution of roles, a man is perceived as an aggressor, so let the initiative come from a girl somewhere seventy percent. It’s worthwhile to be active only if you notice that your partner was confused. ” That is, do not undress before the girl shouting: “Well, I’m ready!”

After what happened between you, you, as an honest person, are obliged to offer the girl a clean towel and a toothbrush. When it comes directly to spending the night, make sure that she has a pillow, or even a blanket. And give up that place in the bed, which is closer to the bathroom. (Women generally have an inexplicable liking for the bathroom: sometimes they need to rush there right in the middle of the night to rustle suspiciously there.)

In the case of the first sex on the territory of the girl, all that is required of you is to observe elementary rules of decency. The only place where a man visiting a woman is not forbidden to climb without demand is a refrigerator. The manifestation of wolfish appetite women consider cute.

  • Meet your friends

Every girl wants to feel unique. Your task is to let your friends feel that this girl is unique, or at least make them pretend that yes, that’s exactly what they feel. And imbued with the significance of the moment. Acquaintance with friends is just the case when a long introduction spiced up with pathos will not be superfluous. Tell an amazing story related to your acquaintance, and do not skimp on details and emotions. An ideal representation of a girl looks like this: “Friends! Remember, I told you how I fed ducks in the zoo, I wanted to pull one by the feather, leaned on the railing, they broke and I fell into a pond with crocodiles? So, here is the girl who saved me. It was she who screamed fearlessly: “Caution, you hurt the crocodile!” – and a guard ran to her cry. So, get acquainted … Sarah! Uh, I’m sorry … Sandra! ”Although even the most ordinary story can be heroically presented:“ Friends, this is the girl who saved me from literary death. I was so bored on the plane that I was ready to read the novel, but this treasure entertained me with conversation. Meet … Sarah! Ugh, what is it … Sandra! “

  • Joint vacation

In established pairs, their own financial models are developed, but at the dawn of relations, the monetary issue constantly looms inappropriate scenery to your mutual sympathy. The first vacation spent together, the strongest test for financial relations in a pair. If the first joint vacation began early, for example, a month after meeting, the man pays eighty percent of the costs. For example, he pays for tickets and accommodation, and she pays for food and cocktails on the beach.

There is no tragedy in that you prefer diving, and she – to sunbathe. The main thing is that you meet at breakfast and intersect at dinner to discuss which luminous fish you saw and that its nose is not so red at all. No, not at all peeling off. No, you don’t say it just to calm her down. Vacation is a miniature marriage. As in any marriage, partners need a break from each other. And there is nothing criminal in breaking up in different directions for a couple of hours.

  • Girl’s disease

Is this snotty, napkin-covered, stuffed creature in the bed in bed really your girlfriend? And where are the heels, the miniskirt and the wonderful little voice with which she told how she was doing at work (well, ok, you don’t really miss the last one, for example).

Of course, the first healthy reaction to a girl’s illness is to run. Unfortunately, this can be done only if you do not expect to return: the girls do not forgive such betrayal. Some men do not even mind that their partner was sick. This finally gives them the opportunity to command. Often mild diseases, especially colds, are completely psychosomatic. The girl wants to be paid attention to, to be courted. Do not be afraid to demonstrate authority and strength. In a stern voice, give orders, even the most delusional: “So, go to bed. No, diagonally. Here is a thermometer for you. Look at it carefully, while I go to the kitchen and bring you a hot broth of celery. ” After that, she does not dare to accuse you of lack of attention. And the more delusional your instructions are, the greater the likelihood that the girl herself will send you home and call for help from her friend or mother.

A good excuse is not to sit by the patient’s bedside — to offer to complete the work begun for her. Take the cat to hair removal, dry down the duvet, pick up the luminous … squeak from the repair … okay, what is it? In general, to make her appear that even though you don’t sit side by side at a low start, so that you can take medicine at any second, you are a vital link between the outside world.

To be continued.

By Cindy
November 14, 2019

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