Be silent! What you can’t talk about with your girlfriend

What can and should be discussed with women, and what should be kept silent about them even under torture.

Well, it’s time to talk about what you can’t talk about. You probably guess that with us, creatures endowed with female hormones and female logic, you can’t talk about everything. And your guesses are not groundless! Moreover, for an out of place word, for an extra memory and an awkward compliment, you will have to pay dearly later, in blood, money units, and God knows what currencies are convertible from your individual girl. Of course, you need to talk with women, and a lot. Hindus believe that the feelings of a woman are seven times stronger than the feelings of a man, so she is not enough thrown by you: “I met with a friend.” She sincerely cares where he met, how much, for how long, what they talked about, in what mood he was, in what shirt. And if you patiently answer all these women’s, in your opinion, pointless questions, then you will be the best and most beloved.

But, as popular wisdom says, you say, don’t talk. There are topics that are best avoided. At the very least, try to avoid discussing them until she gets the tools for torture: manicure tongs, hair removal wax, an egg cooker and an egg cutter.

One of the typical men’s mistakes is to tell the new passion at the courtship stage all their glorious annals of victories and conquests: from the unsuccessful first sexual experience to the unsuccessful experience of the last marriage. How expensive it can cost you if suddenly a new passion turns into a new friend of life! You, as in the final judgment, sooner or later, everyone will remember. Everything you say can and will be used against you. Remember this and try not to fall into memories, even if the new acquaintance “such a clever girl, understands everything”, and you are drunk and, on the contrary, do not understand anything. Moreover, the saying “about the former is either good or nothing” does not work here. About the former it’s better in no way. You will respond well to the ex-girlfriend – you will cause jealousy and suspicion; Speak harshly negative – your new girlfriend will immediately put herself in her mind in the place of the former, and you will turn out to be a scoundrel and a scumbag.

Another topic worthy of being covered in a golden blanket of silence is your income. Never specify how much you receive, regardless of whether you have a higher scholarship or a regular scholarship, they gave you a New Year bonus or not, whether you have a gray salary or a white one. Concrete kills romance.

And one more thing: your business, workflow, your work schedule should not be too transparent and obvious for her. Believe me, she will be upset and disappointed if she finds out that the main part of your working time is occupied by solitaire, even if you are paid a large bonus whenever the solitaire converges. If you ruled the word in a text document all day at work, and did not oppose the agents of enemy intelligence and did not leave a penny after the negotiations, then just tell her that there was plenty of work, he plowed all day like a breeding bull. Women a priori like when a man works: for her, this is a sure sign that the world is calm, everything is in its place.

By the way, not only women should have their “little secrets” – men too. “Small male secrets” include a number of past diseases, such as hemorrhoids, genital herpes and other ailments that can undermine your brutal image.

In our century, it is also not worth mentioning anything that can be perceived by your friend as a hidden penchant for sodomy. For example, to praise the muscles of your coach or with excessive emotion remember the golden days of the brotherhood in college. It’s funny for you, but I’m scared that legal wives are now more and more often abandoned, not for the sake of secretaries and assistants, but for drivers and bodyguards.

And finally, a few words about grooming things. If you already epilate your chest hair, go to photorejuvenation, or correct the shape of your belly button with plastic surgery, then keep quiet about it. Women do not like when men treacherously invade their territory spa, beauty salons and cosmetic clinics. In general, friend, do not forget that silence is gold, and investments in gold are more timely than ever!

By Cindy
November 13, 2019

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