5 things each girl does on a first date

Let’s find out these five things that every girl does on a first date, and how to behave about this.

  • Notifies friends of the meeting

She continually looks into her bag, shifts the suspiciously buzzing phone from place to place, blushes and hides under the table? Be sure – her friends are waiting for immediate news. Well, or the husband wonders where she stocked herself.

Your actions: When the next time the girl with an apologetic look goes to the toilet in the company of the phone, generously throw “Well, what are you, everything is fine!”. And she will write to friends, “He is cool!” Or to her husband: “Meat on the stove!”

  • Puts on something uncomfortable

You planned a romantic walk around your childhood places (“And here I first moved the dove on a bicycle”), and the girl crawled to the meeting place in high heels, which obviously were skyscrapers in a previous life.

Your actions: Improvise. Hire a rickshaw or tow a girl to a nearby cafe. In no case do not report it. In the end, she tried for you. And do not insist that you still have to run the marathon. She might even agree. But then, sticking on patches, he will remember you as the worst gentleman in his life.

  • Wants to seem smarter

How, didn’t you watch Bergman’s Strawberry Glade? Well, Ingrida. But she spent all last weekend on a retrospective of French new wave films. Such wonderful films – and all about the sea!

Your actions: Either the girl randomly seeks to impress you, or simply stupid. Another meeting will clarify everything completely. In the meantime, just nod. Exposing a magician with a rabbit stuck in his sleeve is unethical.

  • Stares Intently

The good news is she likes you. The bad news is – well, actually, she sits with her eyes fixed on you and resembles a maniac from the series. Which, after three seasons, finally got to the victim.

Your actions: Most likely, the girl somewhere heard that, looking in the eyes of the interlocutor, demonstrates interest. Try to stop this disgrace, playfully remarking: “You know, I’m usually very collected, but under the look of your beautiful eyes I’m lost!”

  • Poking things

She had already quartered all the toothpicks on the table and now began to dissect the napkins.

Your actions: If you expected to use at least one whole napkin in the near future, grab the girl’s hand and say with patience, “You have such a beautiful shape of nails.” For a while, she will calm down.

By Cindy
November 11, 2019

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