Why do women lie more often than men and do not worry about it

Our gender has always been called not only beautiful, but also deceitful and treacherous. One could say that these are men’s chauvinistic things, but I personally will not say anything like that, because this is true. I myself guessed about it, and recently I also got acquainted with the reports of experts from Toronto and New York, who found out that the average woman in everyday life lies 40% more often than men, and also stated the fact that the representatives of our gender it’s much easier to trick the most discerning lie detector. Because we lie not only a lot, but also do it completely calmly, not experiencing the slightest uncertainty, not allowing the pupils to contract, the muscles to tremble, and the heart rhythm to go astray.

Here we are such born partisans and scouts. By the way, not all. There are plenty of women who never lie.

Of course, men also lie. But worse. Therefore, when you call home and explain in a ringing honesty, what an important late meeting you have today, they split you before you have time to say “hello, dear!”.

It’s just that your natural selection went a little different way. Muscles there, claws, teeth … The ability to masterfully lie is not included in the gentleman’s survival kit.

And it is part of ours. Because women have four additional reasons compared to men to lie.

  • Women need to defend themselves
    If Kalashnikovs and ladies’ pistols of the Bulldog system grew on trees in a primeval forest, everything would be completely different. There would be fewer people, but they would be more honest with each other. And so …

I don’t know what nature was thinking, giving men 20% more muscle and 40% more strength. Perhaps her intentions were the best, but the fact remains: the average man can easily take the average me and, without straining, throw him, for example, on a palm tree or somewhere else he needs. And the fact that he usually does not do this is because he is not afraid of me. I seem to him sweet, attractive, touching, in need of protection and love – moreover, immediately, in these same bushes.

For centuries, millennia, we went through a school of deceit – the only way to deal with power – and graduated with decent grades.

The first instinctive desire in a stressful situation with us is to lie. You have to hit, rush, explode, run away, in the end. And we are exactly the same on the machine, even when we still do not understand why we are doing this and what nonsense we are carrying. Protective instinct.

  • Women are more likely to live by imagination

How does a lie detector work? When does he notice a spark of lies, a discharge of falsehood? When you forcefully change the reality within your mind and, opening your mouth dry, with difficulty moving the heavy language that has not yet become familiar with this new reality, you say: “On November 12, from nine to eleven in the evening I was at home, didn’t go out, didn’t see anything “. At the same time, your body is undergoing a quick, but very painful restructuring. Because he, the body, knows perfectly well who that night stole a boss’s car for a dispute and drowned in the river with pleasure for a long time, singing the arias from Rammstein. And in order to part with this knowledge, the body needs a lot of things: increase pressure, survive hormonal shake-ups, sweat profusely, give way to hamstrings …

Here you become hostages of your own male logic, the ability to see things together, intact, and events – in dynamics. The skills that you men are so proud of because it makes you good mathematicians, generals and chess players. And bad liars.

And the universe of women is a round dance of disparate facts and events related to each other very conditionally. A woman’s view of the world is similar to a nearsighted look through a colander: where you see a whole simple and clear picture, we are fascinated to see a round dance of individual moments and details (but we see these details much better than you do). It is much easier for us to replace one piece of this fragmented mosaic with another, all the more so since all these pieces are thoroughly and cannot be mentioned – what difference does it look like? Moreover, we ourselves immediately begin to sacredly believe in what we say.

  • Women are more caring for the feelings of others

You had to chase saber-toothed carnivorous moles, for us – to mess with babies. You learned to attack, drive and kill, we – carefully listen to the squeak and sniff of babies.
We are much more sensitive to the emotions of those around us initially. And therefore, we are several times more often the time when we are afraid that the truth may cause a wave of unpleasant emotions for our interlocutor – resentment, sadness, irritation, sadness.

And we do this solely from good intentions. Well, really, why should Denis know that Jane accidentally met her ex yesterday and chatted with him in a cafe for two hours? Denise is upset. Denise can start jealous of nothing. Poor Denis may have a headache. Therefore, Jane mercifully lies about her friends and shopping.

Or, say, my boyfriend asks if I like his new adjustable spanner. Big such adjustable wrench. Why am I going to talk about the fact that there are different adjustable wrenches – who have more, who have less, but personally I don’t see much difference in these keys, but when I changed the oil at the car service last week, I saw one working, so he generally had a real jack, and even an electric …

Wow, what a huge adjustable wrench! I say. – So beautiful!

  • Women communicate more often with children

Lying is the same craft as painting or paperwork. That is, he needs to learn and practice it regularly. And in the abundance of such practice, I assure you, no politician, no fraudster can compare with an ordinary young mother. Once, I spent the whole day with my four-year-old nephew, and during this time I was forced to lie a year in advance.

So what lie detectors! Do not make me laugh, I beg you. To the scrap of these meaningless cars – torture them with James Bond, but do not even try to approach a woman with them. It’s like hunting a rhino with a nail file.

All the same, you will never know the whole truth about us.

By Cindy
November 8, 2019

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