4 effective ways to pass for a womanizer

Girls will reach for you if they realize that it’s now fashionable.

If you want to attract the attention of specific girls, make them think that everyone else is crazy about you. According to psychologists, often a person seeks to accept the majority opinion, as he is unconsciously afraid of being alone.

And so, here are the ways:

  1. Ask for advice
    Engage office maids in their games. From time to time, ask in no case to connect you if a girl calls (you went out, went on a business trip and died there). If you want to make you talk about yourself, you need different people to have the same reason to discuss you. Choose two girlfriends-girlfriends and individually ask each advice: “May, and giving a white thong to a brunette isn’t bad taste?”, “Lacy, tell me, can a girl be led to the premiere of von Trier?” When they meet at the lunch break, they won’t miss opportunities to discuss what happened, and then go on to analyze your strengths you have not noticed so far.
  2. Look bruised
    About once a week, come to work in the same clothes that you were on the day before. And when this is noticed by someone casually mumbling “I haven’t reached the house.” Of course, in the conditions of a strict dress code, changes, or rather their absence, will not be too noticeable. But if there is no dress code, a T-shirt with an inscription decorating you for two days in a row will not go unnoticed.
  3. Depict modesty
    The annoying emphasis on their successes in women will lead to the opposite effect, psychologists warn. Behave modestly but tastefully. Order a teddy bear in the office in your name. Put a card with the word “Kisses!” And lip print on your paws (you will have to kiss yourself – but what to do?). When the messenger enters the office, be shy and take him out of the room. Come back, carefully hiding the toy behind your back. If the bear is big enough, they will notice it.
  4. Spread social networks
    Thanks to the advent of social networks, posing as a womanizer was easier than a lung. Do this — in the middle of the night, send to several girls (but only to those who are not familiar with each other!) The message “I’m going” or “I’m leaving” or “So what kind of champagne did you ask for: brut or semi-sweet?”. And after a second write, “This is not for you, sorry.” So you will not only hint the girl at your rich nightlife, but also make her internally indignant, “Why isn’t it to me ?!” even if before she thought of you exclusively as a strange guy in a T-shirt.
By Cindy
November 5, 2019

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