5 things a man should take on a first date

If he wants the second too.

  1. Chocolate
    This foreign exotic delicacy compares favorably with chewing gum and peppermint pastilles in that it can at least slightly feed the girl. Chocolate will give kisses a pleasant aftertaste and help you hold out until the lifeguards arrive (if you get lost during a romantic walk).
  2. Umbrella
    Although it is not expected to rain, but the presence of an umbrella indicates serious intentions in relation to the elements. Here you are, with an umbrella – you can rely on you. Just imagine, and suddenly the truth will begin to rain! It will be a high point for people with umbrellas! In principle, the car can play the role of an umbrella. But then you have to carry it with you everywhere.
  3. Condoms
    Even the most seemingly decent and buttoned up girl sometimes gets into all the hardships and insistently demands sex on the first date. To be at such a moment without a condom is somehow not gentlemanly. Of course, it is not necessary to take a large pack of 12 condoms – it will elaborately stick out your pocket and draw all the attention to itself. Modestly hide one in your wallet.
  4. Napkin packaging
    Once upon a time there was a handkerchief in place of napkins – but these unhygienic times have passed. Not every girl will accept a handkerchief from you, even if it is pure and silk, and with initials (especially stranger’s). But a napkin from a pack – ok. It is necessary for the girl to wipe away the tears that came out of laughter after your especially successful joke.
  5. Money
    No matter how feminism frolic on planet Earth, the holy rule of the first date – a man pays the bill – has not been canceled yet.
By Cindy
November 4, 2019

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