Science has proven: men who insult women on the Internet are losers

After reading this news, you will turn to women on the Internet exclusively for you. With a capital letter.

Here’s the thing. Recently, in a study with the capacious title “The essence of sexism: male status and success in society and their influence on the formation of aggressive or friendly behavior towards a woman”, something that everyone had long suspected, but something that had not yet been proven, was revealed. For several months, the focus group involved in the study played in Halo 3.

The players knew the gender of their rivals and it soon became clear that when the generally unsuccessful male player once again lost the generally more successful male player, he dutifully kept quiet. But if the loser player knew that he had lost to the woman, he immediately got up on the slippery path of personal insults.

The study was duplicated at the popular American forum Reddit and the results were confirmed: men with low social and financial status react extremely painfully to women expressing their own point of view. And then they hurry to share with the woman their flattering observations about her figure, mind and data in bed – even if you have never met her and have not seen the photo. So, if you want to give the impression of a successful and successful person (at least on the Internet), never insult women. It is a trap.

By Cindy
November 3, 2019

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