Does she offer to stay friends? This is suspicious!

Scientists have found that friendships with ex can be a sign of psychopathy.

Psychologists from the University of Oklahoma, based on a study of more than 800 couples who survived the breakup, made interesting conclusions: those partners who offer ex-friends to remain friends are more prone to psychopathy!

This diagnosis is gaining popularity in modern psychology and means that a person is not capable of empathy, that is, sympathy, enters into a relationship solely for the sake of profit, and is inclined to manipulate other people.

Thus, if your girlfriend herself offers you friendship after breaking up, there is reason to believe that she simply sees you as a valuable source of resources. Which, of course, if you wish, can be reduced to mutually beneficial cooperation, if its resources are still of interest to you (we have already examined the issues of sex with the former in detail). However, do not flatter yourself: the sentimental assurances that her former partner is still a close and close person, quite often turn out to be just an attempt to manipulate him, as psychologists have concluded.

Psychopaths are not so easy to identify at first glance: they skillfully imitate the basic elements of ordinary people’s behavior. However, their relationship with partners and friends, as a rule, is short-term and purely practical. However, as another study showed, psychopaths are often more talented and more likely to succeed. They can be charismatic and extremely attractive. However, the emotional component in the relationship is completely excluded for them, no matter how skillfully they imitate it. Psychopaths profit and without pity go to the next object, it is barely clear that the resources of the former are exhausted.

By Cindy
November 2, 2019

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